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Images Of Big Boss House

Bigg Boss - Jade Goody ignored cancer warnings for Bigg Boss

Big brother star Jade Goody has admitted that she ignored a fourth warning that she needed cancer treatment and went on to the Indian version of Big Brother, called Big Boss, for a 100,000 pounds fee. The reality TV star, who is now fighting advanced cervical cancer, already had three abnormal smear tests after enduring an operation to remove the cells.After her fourth abnormal smear, she ignored a letter urging her to return to hospital, instead hoping that the disease would go away on its own. "I couldn't think about it. You know me - just brush it under the carpet and hope it will go away," the Daily Star quoted Goody, as saying."They'd sent a letter to me ages ago telling me I needed to go in, but I'd been too scared to do anything about it," she added. Mum-of-two Goody decided to go ahead with her trip to India because the fee would be needed to raise her two young sons if she fell ill.

Rahul cleans toilets in Big Boss

Bollywood bombshell Shilpa Shetty has revealed that she is quite shocked at Jade Goody's decision to participate in India's Big Brother, but is happy at the same time, for she'll get a chance to show her ex-rival how welcoming Indians are.In last year's Celebrity Big Brother, the 33-year-old actress was labelled 'Shilpa Poppadom' by Goody.Goody, who also criticized eventual winner Shetty's cooking during the show, was branded a racist and Indians burnt effigies of her in the streets.Now, mum-of-two Goody has decided to enter Indian BB house this weekend in a bid to clear her name. The 27-year-old will also pocket a 100,000-pound fee."When I found out Jade was going on Big Brother India I was as shocked as when I first met her. Why go through this again," The Sun quoted show host Shetty, as saying."But part of me was really happy because it is an opportunity to show how welcoming we are."She's going in as someone who has had misconceptions about our country. I hope Jade learns first hand about our culture and how wonderful our people are," she added.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Three divorcees and couple of brewing love story. Ekdum Jhakaas story about Rakhi Tandon, Rahul Mahajan and Raja Choudhary

Interesting part of Big Boss is lying somewhere else, which have to be kindled by Big Boss to fire up the show ratings. We have got nice bunch of three divorcees, one breakup and signals of love story. Big Boss just has to concentrate and concoct these together and show episodes with this masala mix.
Raja, Rahul and Rakhi are divorcees whereas Monica Bedi can not be called divorcee but she breaks up with his “most-wanted” boyfriend. Monica has passport where she was shown as Abu Salem’s wife. It is not know if they were/are married.
Rakhi Tandon was in the news for her not-so-amicable divorce. Rakhi Vij (Tandon) was married to Rajiv Tandon. Rajiv is the brother of Raveena Tandon, ex-actress of Bollywood. They filed for divorce earlier this year. Rakhi was famous for her role as ‘Sweaty‘ in ‘Hum Paach‘ comedy serial but she took break from idiot box post her divorce.
Shweta Tiwari has filed for divorce from Raja Choudhary. They have got one daughter. Shweta blamed Raja’s heavy drinking for divorce and physical harassment and torture. Raja seems to be was violent, jealous and insecure. He had scuffled with one of the media person and bloke his one of the fingers. Apparently, Raja is also out of money now.
Rahul Mahajan got divorced from Shweta (Another Shweta) Mahajan. They got married year back and they were supposed to know each other since childhood. Shweta was/is air-pilot. No reason was given for quick divorce. It is well known that Rahul is druggist and started behaving oddly after his father’s death. Rahul’s closeness with Payal Rohatgi (Another contestant of Big Boss 2) is probably one of the reasons for this divorce.

'I wanted to announce that I am back' - Rakhi Vijan

Rakhi Vijan, the bubbly Sweetie of Hum Paanch wanted to announce to the world that she is back to television, and this was her very intention when she took up Bigg Boss.This week, it was Rakhi along with the 'Kishan Kanhaiya' of the house, Rahul Mahajan who found themselves in the eviction list and it was Rakhi who big adieu."I had a blast and was on a roll out there", says Rakhi. When asked about the reason for being evicted so early, the girl quips, "Two weeks was just not enough to make a name out there". Ask her about the tiff with Sambhavna and Rakhi gets defensive and says "I really did not know what she was up to. She was talking a lot at my back and when I got to know about it, it was too late".Rakhi feels that the Janmashtami celebration in the house was boring. "We could have done much more", says she. Ask her whether she takes home any memories from Bigg Boss, the lady gives a stern reply "Nothing of that sort happened in the house".The actress added on to say that she did not make any pals there in the house, and the only person she was fine with, was Rahul Mahajan. The girl wishes to chill off before doing anything else on television. "I need to go out first, only then can I think of doing something", says Rakhi as she concludes.

Alina turns bitchy

The episode begins with the Metre Down from the movie Taxi No. 9211 as the wake up alarm. The alarm goes on till all the housemates are up.
Later, Alina, Ashutosh, and Sambhavana are discussing Payal and think she's fake. This is the first time we hear Alina bitching about someone in the house. She feels Payal just puts on make-up all the time. And Payal cutting the bhindi without washing it took the cake, according to Alina.
Rahul says to Sambhavana that when he played the role of Krishna, he was at his best behaviour. He didn't smoke, he didn't even ask for it once, but now that he was off it, he would not share his cigarettes with anyone. But Rahul immediately changes his statement, saying that no one will anyways share it with him.
Rahul has a 'friendly' tiff with Raja over cigarettes. Raja tells him, "You will be nominated and just go. You should go away." Rahul asks him to take his words back….
Further in the episode, Rakhi is sharing her worries with Zulfi that she might be out. Zulfi says, "There are 50:50 chances of you going."
Bigg Boss calls Payal, Rahul, Rakhi and Monica into the confession room one by one…. Later, Shilpa Shetty takes over and starts her conversation with the housemates and the eviction results are announced for the second week.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Monica and Rakhi warned

It's a rooster alarm that wakes up the housemates this time. Sambhavana and Alina are discussing Payal. They remember how they had concluded after seeing her for the first time that they will not get along with her.

Then comes a warning from Bigg Boss. It's for Monica and Rakhi. They have been constantly removing their mikes while conversing with each other and at times with other inmates. Bigg Boss tells them that Rakhi has already been nominated and if they didn't follow the rules, Monica would be forced to leave the house.
Rahul is upset about the fact he's paying the price for being friendly with Rakhi, as everyone has now nominated him for eviction. Rakhi is eagerly waiting for Friday.
Sambhavana is seen telling Rahul to beware of both Rakhi and Monica, and that she's informing him about this, as she cares for him. But she also tells him how he thought he was on a higher level and nobody will ever vote him out.
The addition to the Janmashtmi task is that all the housemates have to make besan ke laddoo and kheer for the evening, and also draw a rangoli in the garden. Rakhi takes up the task of preparing laddoos while Zulfi opts to cook the kheer. Alina, Ketki and Debojit take up the rangoli task.
Payal gets some kheer for Rahul and feeds him. While this is happening, they exchange romantic glances.
Rahul is in a mood to tease and calls Ketki a dadi (grandmom), hearing which Ketki freaks out. She tells Rahul that from now on she will not enter the kitchen and cook for anyone in the house. On hearing this, Rahul gets tense, as he thinks she's the best cook in the house! He discusses this with Zulfi and Ashutosh.
Good news: The inmates win a 'luxury budget' after successfully completing their weekly task. Bigg Boss also announces that the boys are the winners of the Dahi Handi task. They win an extra hour's sleep for the next two days!

Rakhi Vijan evicted from BB2!

Rakhi Vijan, the actress who was in the 'dumping zone' of Bigg Boss 2 along with Rahul Mahajan, was voted out of the show on Friday night, August 29, 2008. Audiences apparently could not relate to the perpetually morose Rakhi they saw on BB2, as they remembered her as the cranky and funny girl from Ekta Kapoor's TV serial Hum Paanch.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Payal Rohatgi's stunning makeover!

The gorgeous Payal Rohatgi experienced an image makeover in the house of Bigg Boss recently.
When Rahul Mahajan was voted by the other house members to play Krishna on the occasion of Janmashtami, it didn't surprise many that he chose the lovely actress to be his Radha.
Payal had to shed her celebrity image and serve her Krishna as a task.
Is there more happening than meets the eye between this on screen Radha Krishna duo or is it nothing more than two people carrying out a task?

Sambhavna Seth, the Beautician in Demand!!

The girls in the Bigg Boss house are surely not missing their routines to the beauty parlour as Sambhavna Seth is there to help them!!
Very conscious about their skin and looks, the girls never fear to run to the beautician for help!! Here begins a hectic schedule for Sambhavna as she is seen doing Alina’s eyebrows. Alina feels that the girl has magic in her hands.. Then comes Payal to get a crash course from Sambhavna on threading. Well, when we talk of girls, can we leave behind the ‘Kishan Kanhaiya’ of Bigg Boss house Rahul Mahajan?? He too is there and says, “I also want to try my hand at threading”. Then Rahul gets threading done on his hand and also expresses his concern over the blackheads on his nose. Well, the end result is that, Sambhavna gets set to do a facial for Rahul!! It looks like Sambhavna can make a fortune at the Bigg Boss house using her beautician skills to the core!!

Ekta and Tusshar in Bigg Boss on Friday

The soap queen Ekta Kapoor and Bollywood comedy hero Tusshar Kapoor are grabbing all possible opportunities to promote their new film, CKkompany.
After being seen together in Zee TV’s SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Rakhi episode, Ekta and Tusshar will again be promoting their film together in COLORS’ popular reality show, Bigg Boss.
This film is being more popularized for the very reason that the viewer’s favorite television producer Ekta Kapoor will be seen showing her acting talent on the silver screen. Ekta and Tusshar will be interacting with this week’s evicted contestant of Bigg Boss on Friday August 29th in the eviction special episode. While Shilpa Shetty, the host of the show will be busy in announcing the evicted candidate from among the nominated contestants Rahul Mahajan and Rakhi Vijayan, the brother-sister pair will be seen promoting their film. This undoubtedly will be a double bonus for the audience….

Watch Rahul Mahajan as Krishna in Big Boss

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Does Sambhavna Like Zulfi Syed ?

Well we dont know how true this is but it been coming up in the show recently that sambhavna seth likes Zulfi and also that she changes whenever she sees zulfi. Offcourse we seeing hour of 24 hours cant judge whats going on but still the people wont be telling this without any reason. Today Sambhavna was asked by rahul and rakhi whether its true and then she confirmed with Zulfi whether he thaught that she had changed or not. Zulfi answered “No” all the time. By the way it was zulfi’s birthday aswell and he was wished late night by a suprise cake given by big boss. Anyways coming back to topic do you think she really likes her ?

Rakhi Tandon became aloof. Rahul Mahajan and Payal Rohatgi are no more friends

Rahul is very much worried about his eviction chances this week. Rahul was found praying to “Lord Krishna” to save him and give him one more chance. Rahul is trying hard to woo the audience to save him from eviction. He is throwing emotions to everyone talking about his past, his father sudden demise and his divorce. He is claiming to be normal human being and not a celebrity. He is blaming media to cover every aspect of his personal life. Luckily for him, Payal Rohatgi, her close associate for last 7 years, is also in Bigg boss house and providing solace to Rahul whenever she sees him in distress. Just by looking at these couple, one can safely say that they are no more mere friend but gone bit further. . It’s sure that either of Rakhi and Rahul will be shown the door this Friday. Rakhi Tandon has still not come out of shock of her nomination. She became aloof and non-responsive. I think, she can also tell the world about her personal life and recent divorce. This way, she can garner few sympathy votes. My heart tells me to vote for Rahul this week to avoid his eviction but my mind says that Rakhi will be the winner. I can see lots of link coming in my Blog who are looking for Rakhi and her Divorce. It seems that she is bigger celebrity than Rahul Mahajan. Let’s see for the result on Friday. As part of weekly activity, Rahul has been made ‘Lord Krishna’ whereas Payal accompany him everywhere as ‘Radha’. Rests of the guys are Krishna’s pal and will be doing ‘Dahi Haandi Phod’ on Wednesday. Gals have been “Gopikas” and would be taking part in “Raasleela”.

Two Groups and few individuals

As expected, groups have been formed before then 2nd nomination process. This time everyone was having enough time to understand each other. Clearly few groups have been formed, and undoubtedly Rahul Mahajan was the star of this episode as well as the group politics formation……
Rakhi Vijan, Monica Bedi and Rahul Mahajan have formed one group and have been found discussing about something (probably nomination process) by Big Boss. Big Boss warned them because they were pulling off their microphones and using code names to depict other contestants….below are the highlights…..
Sambhavna Seth is defensive as she thinks that she will be one of the person to be voted out. She started accusing Rakhi Vijan, Rahul Mahajan and taking Raja Chaudhury and Ashutosh Kaushik in to confidence.
Ashutosh Kaushik has been named as "Lathmaar" by Rakhi Vijan. Why ? Simple yaar. He cannot speak English and more over he talks in 'theth' Hindi.
Ashutosh Kaushik has taken Raja Choudhary and Ahsaan Qureshi in to confidence to vote the weed out. There will be time to vote each other but it will be much later not right now. Shambhavna Seth is more or less in this group only. Ashutosh Kaushik is going to be next big thing in this show.
Zulfi Saeed, Alina, Payal Rohatgi and Debojit Saha seem to be neutral (so far!!). Debojit, Payal and Alina are more close to Rahul's group than other. Zulfi can be found at other end of this rope.
Considering all this logistics, Rakhi Vijan was voted out by 7 participants whereas Rahul Mahajan gets handsome 5.
Both were in shock and trying to tell their part of stories so that "naasamajh" (never underestimate our janta, Janta Jarandhan hai) junta will not vote them out.
Rahul has been made Kishan Kanhaiya till Wednesday and Payal will be her Radha. Kishan Kanhaiya and his raasleela would the theme of this week. Lots of interesting rules are part of this game. Lets see how things turn up tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jade Goody had changed a lot: Shilpa Shetty

Actress Shilpa Shetty says she couldn't recognise her former 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemate Jade Goody when she saw her at the second season of 'Bigg Boss' - 'she had changed so much'.
Jade scorched headlines for making racial comments against Shilpa in Britain's reality show 'Celebrity Big Brother' in 2007. She came to India to participate in the second season of Indian version of 'Bigg Boss' last week, but left after she was detected with cancer.
'I was shocked and confused. I was filled with so many emotions. No matter what happened at 'Big Brother', I had spent considerable time with her in the house,' Shilpa, who is hosting 'Bigg Boss 2', told IANS.
'I felt really bad for her. Now I know why I couldn't recognise her when I met her. Life has put her through so much, she had changed,' added Shilpa.
Shilpa immediately wanted to meet Jade. 'But she had to be whisked away immediately from Lonavla Monday. Early Tuesday morning she had her flight from where she had to be taken for chemotherapy in London.'
She got Jade's phone number and spoke to her at the airport just before the stunned Big Boss housemate left for London.
It was an incredibly emotional experience for Shilpa, free of rancour.
'Speaking to her was not easy. It was very tough. There was never any rancour,' said Shilpa.
'Yes, I was hurt when in the 'Big Brother' house she made some comments about our country. But even in the house we had made peace after the initial rancour. Once I was out of the house, the media went to town and she got the brunt of it.'
Shilpa tried all the time to pacify the world press. 'Believe me, it was really sad when Jade was slammed. I never wanted to become a champion of the third-world at her cost.'
Interestingly, the channel Colors had asked Shilpa before inviting Jade Goody to be a contestant on Big Boss.
'Yeah, when the channel decided on Jade they asked me if it was okay with me. If I had any ill feelings towards her I'd have said no to Jade. But the truth is, there was no ill feelings towards Jade,' Shilpa said.
'My only precondition was that Jade should be treated well at Big Boss. I knew how it felt when to go into a foreign country and be in a hostile situation (Big Brother).
'To my delight, the Big Boss contestants were very nice to Jade. I felt so proud to see how she was treated. It just reiterated the fact we Indians are very forgiving and welcoming,' she said.
Shilpa is shocked by the cynicism of those who think this to be a TRP gambit.
'Jade's illness is not gimmick. She must've done pap-smear (cancer screening method) before coming to India. How would she know the tests would be so damning?'
Now Shilpa plans to meet Jade. 'I only had a chance to speak to her before she left. I will meet her when I go to London for the Unforgettables tour with the Bachchans next week.'

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tussle between Shambhavna and Sanjay Nirupam. Group-ism as well as fear of eviction is growing among contestants.

Shambhavna Seth has taken Sanjay’s remarks very seriously. Sanjay had spoken about Shambhavna Seth in last episode in full public glare. He told that he was warned not to participate in Bigg Boss where Shambhavna Seth type of contestants would be there. On probing of “type” remarks, Sanjay slipped few words about her being item girl and doing exposing her body to earn money. Shambhavna got pissed off and mentioned that there is no harm in doing this in entertainment business. Later in the same episode, Shambhavna mentioned (but not shown) about Sanjay remarked about her apt attire and gave reason that it might be because of her earlier comments. Being a shrewd politician, Sanjay could have avoided this controversy.
Sanjay is aware of all this back biting by Shambhavna and mention this to Big Boss in confession room that she is one of the dirty fish. There might be more among the fellow contestants. Sanjay is giving his judgment as if he is very clean.

Rahul Mahajan, Payal Rohatgi link-up illegally

Actress Payal Rohatgi who starred in Corporate, 36 China Town and Dhol is reported to share an illegal relationship with Bharatiya Janata Party leader and former union minister Pramod Mahajan’s son Rahul Mahajan. It is also said that the sole reason of Rahul and his wife Shweta’s break-up is Payal. For quite sometime, Rahul and Shweta’s married life was going through a rough weather and Payal’s meddling has further acidified the situation. Her interference has acted like adding fuel on the fire.
Though Payal and Rahul are reluctant to open their mouth, the duo is very often spotted together. According to sources, Payal had thrown a big bash for Rahul at a five-star hotel and both played the role of a perfect host to their guests. Through out the party, they were closely connected.
Rahul and Payal had been friends for six years and Rahul’s ties off with his wife had brought the couple closer and Payal took the desired position. Rahul Mahajan was also involved in drug abuse case and was hospitalized for consumption of high dosage of drugs.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Janmashtami in Bigg Boss House!!

Housemates in Bigg Boss celebrate Janmashtami in style!!
The task given to the girls on August 25th, Monday is to select the housemate amongst men who is most suited to play Krishna and the unanimous choice is Rahul Mahajan!! Rahul gets to choose his Radha and zeroes in on Payal Rohtagi, while the other housemates become the Gopikas.

The housemates get decked up in their respective roles and the task laid before them is to stay in the same get-up till Wednesday. Rahul, the Kanhaiya can surely look forward to a gala time with his Radha and Gopiyaa, but at the same time, he needs to stay away from his beloved cigarettes for three days now!!
While Rahul can express his desires and needs to Payal, the Gopikas are entrusted with the task of keeping their Krishn happy. The Bigg Boss house this week is surely a place of entertainment, as its 'Ras Leela' time as the housemates perform on many Indian numbers!!.

Bigg Boss warned Rahul Mahajan

Rahul Mahajan’s addiction for cigarettes can now screw things for him!! Rahul tried to instigate all other contestants to demand for cigarettes and asked them to revolt against Bigg Boss by simply removing their microphones.

The provocative behavior of Rahul Mahajan has not been appreciated by Bigg Boss who is said to have warned Rahul that if he continues to do so, he might get evicted from the contest.

You may just get hooked

You know the best thing about these reality shows? They beg you to be judgmental. They go out of their way to grab your attention, have an opinion, however harsh, about them. Even if briefly, it puts the viewer in a powerful spot.The ones out to seek attention aren't doing it for charity either. They make their own money, an attractive amount too.
And so whether you enjoy it, feel apathetic or plain disgusted, reality TV, for the time being is here to stay.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bigg Boss 2 : Day Two of Bigg Boss Season 2

Day two begins with housemates having insomnia as none of them have slept the entire night as the task was to sleep in total of 100 hours till Wednesday. They all decide to sleep and wake up in some time and then continue with their task.

The first alarm rings but no one wakes up. At the second alarm the first housemate to wake up is Ketki Dave and is shocked to see everybody sleeping.At the third alarm all the housemates wake up.
Ehsaan initially gave cooking tips to Ketki Dave.
Debojit is frustrated that he cannot do his riyaz without his musical instrument.
While Rahul Mahajan cracked jokes and made people laugh, Ashutosh Kaushik and Ehsaan Qureshi gathered all and made Jade Goody play the very Indian sport of kabaddi!
Jade, trying hard to talk in Hindi, couldn’t understand the game’s name and called it ‘cup of tea’, leaving everyone in splits.
Further in the episode all of them are sitting together and Raja tells Aashutosh teasingly to teach Jade Hindi. Ashutosh starts with A for Aloo, B for Bhaloo and further on.
After some time Jade Goody starts crying because she is missing her children. Monica consoles her and tries to calm her down.
Payal looks in the camera and wishes “Happy Birthday” to her mother.
Further in the episode Jade finds out that she is suffering from cancer and then Bigg Boss decides to bid her good bye and wishes her that she recovers well.

Rules of Bigg Boss Season 2

Bigg Boss rules the house inhabited by 14 handpicked celebrities

There are 32 cameras to capture their every move; celebrities do not have any privacy (except in the bathroom)
The house does not have any entertainment options or means of communication.
Celebrities cannot leave the house once the show starts unless they are evicted through public vote.
Each housemate nominates 2 celebrities for eviction to Bigg Boss.
Bigg Boss chooses 2 celebrities with the maximum number of nominations to be put up for public vote.
Viewers vote to throw out the celebrity they hate the most.
At the end of the week, the voting lines close and the celebrity with the maximum votes is evicted from the Bigg Boss’s house.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Watch Sexy Shilpa Shetty on Big Boss 2

Watch the Videos of Bigg Boss Season 2

Participants Of Big Boss Season 2

Jade GoodyBritish actor and business woman.Came in limelight when made racial comment against Shilpa Shetty in Big brother. Its her third Big brother type of show.

Debojit SahaIf you watch singing shows, then you know him. He is from bengali, contestant and winner of television show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2005. May be a nice addition.
Ashutosh KaushikMTV Roadies 5.0 winner. I don't know much about him as was never a fan of Roadies but he is experienced guy I guess as roadies was something similar ie. a reality show where all your life is on mercy of organizers till the show is on.
Sanjay NirupamHe is a politician belongs to Congress Party. I guess a nice addition as it just make Bigg-Boss 2 more diversified.
Sambhavna SethHeard her name for first time. But later found that she is an item girl seen in 36 China Town Movie.
Payal RohatgiA not so famous actress, she started with modeling in various commercial ads and later on found doing music vidoes.
Ehsaan QureshiEvery one knows him, Ehsaan Qureshi, he even did commerical ads. Famous for his unique poetic style comedy. Came to limelight after participating "Indian Laughter Challenge 1"

Rakhi Tandon The Hum Paanch Sweety, I remember this show she was most naughty but seedhi saadhi girl in that show.
Rahul MahajanHe is not a celebrity but son of a famous politician ie. Promod Mahajan. He was kinda interesting to watch, was trying to speak pure Hindi.

Raja ChaudhariYou may don't know about this guy but if you recall then you will remember that he is husband of Shweta Tiwari (Kasauti Zindagi Ki).

Ketki Dave – The Arra-ra-ra fame, there is hardly anyone who don't know about her. Got famous from the serial "Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu this".

Zulfi Sayed Model, actor Zulfi Sayeed. He acted lead role in Tajmahal movie in 2005.
Monika Bedi an actress but now more famous because of her involvement with Abu Salem. She worked in Tamil movies also.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bigg Boss- Season 2

'Bigg Boss Season 2', the Indian version of 'Big Brother', comes with its unique twists this year that make it bigger and better - 'newsmakers' replace 'celebrities' in 'BIG BOSS SEASON 2'.
That apart, for the first time in the history of Indian television, a show is being launched that will be aired everyday. Further, there will be half an hour LIVE and unedited slot everyday starting second week that will air starting 12.30 a.m. Can it get more exciting? Yes, throw-in a couple of commoners with the 'newsmakers' and the
equation becomes even more exciting.
'Bigg Boss Season 2' presents the unique combination of reality and real unscripted drama. It is the ultimate reality where 14 handpicked strangers will be locked in a we are talking about REAL people, REAL emotions and REAL drama. As the 14 hand picked contestants vie with each other to survive in the Bigg Boss Season two houses, irritation, backbiting and backstabbing reach it's prime. This group living together for 12 weeks brings out the best and worst in the contestants as they tussle to cope with the social pressure cooker until the bitter end stands a chance of winning the title and the large cash prize of Rs 75 lakhs!Rajesh Kamat, Chief Executive Officer -COLORS, said, "Fear Factor- Khatron Ke Khiladi was one of our driver shows during the launch phase that helped us to capture a significant position in the consumer's mind space. As soon as Fear Factor -Khatron Ke Khiladi ends Big Boss Season 2 is our next big ticket offering that will accelerate this momentum even further and keep the COLORS audiences on the edge of their seats for the next three months." Deepak Dhar, Country Head, Endemol India, said, "After the overwhelming success of Khatron Ke Khiladi, Endemol India is proud to present Indian audiences with Bigg Boss Season 2, an innovative and entertaining new reality show. Bigg Boss has connected extremely well with Indian audiences because it showcased reality in its truest, unadulterated form. This reality will continue this season and will be enhanced with the combination of celebrities and members from the general public coming together to spend 12 weeks in the same space, cut off from the rest of the world. This new twist is bound to create entertaining television driven by the reality of what each contestant will experience in the Bigg Boss house. real emotions, real drama and real tension.
Commenting on the programming strategy, Ashvini Yardi, Programming Head - COLORS, added, "With the Indian television's ultimate 'reality soap' Bigg Boss Season 2, COLORS fulfills its promise of a basket of all 'Jasbaat Ke Rang'. Bigg Boss Season 2 will lend a new hue to the existing Hindi General Entertainment category with a reality show covering the entire spectrum of emotions. Shilpa Shetty has been roped in as the host of the show as she has been in this situation and knows exactly how the contestants would feel. Shilpa will be more like a mentor for the 14 participants as she is experienced and will have a great chemistry with the contestants."
An excited Shilpa Shetty on hosting the show said, "I have been through what these 14
contestants will go through, and therefore understand their needs and feelings. I remember what it was to live with strangers in a house cutoff from the outside world with nobody to trust and vouch for. But one thing is sure, it will definitely change the lives of the'll give them memories to last a lifetime and emerge as stronger individuals."
The mixed bag of 14 contestants from different walks of life, leave their families behind and prepare to live in the Bigg Boss house built around the outskirts of Mumbai. Around 32 cameras will capture each and every move of the contestants and they do not have any privacy. Of course, they have the privacy in bathrooms.
The house will not have any kind of entertainment or sources of communication with outside word, which means there won't be any television, radio, music player, books, internet, and phones. Those who enter the house will have to satisfy themselves with bare minimum items that they have brought everything that are needed for a living for three months. Nothing would be provided and the contestants have to cook, clean, sweep the floor, without any help from maids or cooks. Not even a make-up artiste to help them look better!
Bigg Boss will give the contestants some tasks ona weekly or a daily basis, through which they will earn their weekly budget. The group will use the budget to buy food items to survive in the house. Each housemate nominates two contestants for
eviction, while the Bigg Boss chooses two contestants with the maximum number of nominations to be put up for public vote. Voting lines open and the viewers vote to save the contestant they like the most from the ones up for eviction. The contestant with the maximum votes is saved from being evicted from the Bigg Boss house.The challenge is to survive a popularity SMS poll, while co-living for 84 days under constant camera surveillance with other housemates for company and of course, 'the Bigg Boss'.
Every Monday to Thursday, viewers will get to see these 14 people struggle to cope up with the pressure built up in the boundaries of the Bigg Boss house. Fridays would be the day of eviction while Saturdays would offer the spin off episode. Sundays would spice up the show even more with 'Andekha Masala'.Five elements make up the foundation of Bigg Boss- Season 2:
1. Back to basics: The environment in which the housemates will have to live is stripped down to bare necessities.
2. No contact with the outside world: Nobody is allowed to have contact with the outside world and vice versa.
3. Assignment: The assignments are special tasks. The housemates can earn money with it to increase their weekly budget.
4. Confession Booth: The Confession Booth is the place where the housemates must report personally on their experiences and feelings.
5. 'Eviction': Every week participants are nominated by a voting procedure to leave the house, selected by their housemates and the viewers. Regularly, the housemates are nominated to be evicted, and the public decides which of the nominees will be evicted. (This time, viewers vote for who they want to see in the house.)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shilpa Shetty : Big Brother to Bigg Boss

Actor Shilpa Shetty will anchor the second season of reality show Bigg Boss, the Indian version of Big Brother, which is all set to hit the small screen soon. However, the twist in the tale is that it will be aired on Colors, Viacom 18’s new Hindi general entertainment channel.
Shilpa Shetty made headlines all across the globe after she won the international version of the British show, Big Brother, last year. The 33-year-old Indian actor was the first Bollywood star to be a contestant and to have won the Celebrity Big Brother show after having faced racial discrimination from fellow participants.
Shilpa Shetty “has been roped in” for ”Bigg Boss” on the newly launched television channel Colors.
“Bigg Boss”, which first aired on the Sony channel in November 2006, follows the international format of the reality TV show. Participants from Bollywood and India’s television industry spend several days cooped up in a specially-designed house under 24-hour surveillance, with no access to telephones or television.
Bigg Boss2 will kick off on 17 August, replacing the channel’s driver show Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi that is scheduled to conclude on 14 August. The show will run for three months. Both the shows are produced by Endemol India.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bigg Boss 2

Bigg Boss, the Baap of all reality shows which was aired on Sony last year was a stupendous success!! The second season to be premiered on the new channel COLORS from August 17th promises to be bigger, meaner and better than before.
‘Bigg Boss Season 2’, the Indian version of the internationally acclaimed show – Big Brother, that will premiere on the channel on August 17th 2008. The sensuous Shilpa Shetty, winner of last season’s Big Brother UK has been roped in to host the ‘Indian’ version of the show. So get ready everyday for a bigger, better, meaner and gruesome real-time drama, ‘BIGG BOSS SEASON 2’, premiering August 17th, everyday (Monday to Sunday), at 10:00 p.m. Only on COLORS.