Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Housemates bicker over food

The housemates have a big argument as there are no proper food supplies, especially for those who consume non-vegetarian food. Sambhavana keeps complaining (no different from usual) about there being no supply of vegetables, kotmir, etc.

But later in the morning, they find a load of food and other supplies in the house. Sambhavana is quite cut up that Ashutosh does not do much work in the house. She whines on and on and Diana yells back supporting the guy, while Ashutosh watches on in amusement.

Ehsaan tries to explain to each and everyone how there is enough food to suit everyone, while Rahul insists that he is quite ok with the supplies. Payal sits back as if she has nothing to do with the inmates of the Bigg Boss house.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eviction relief this week

No evictions will be taking place this week as big boss has decided to change the format a little. So, voting lines will also be closed. Though both Raja and Rahul have been nominated, but either of them don't have to face eviction. However, the interesting fact is that the housemates are not aware of this change. What's more interesting is that on Friday, both of them will be meeting Shilpa and one will come out to stay again in the house but secretly in a separate room from where he will be watching the other housemates till next eviction that is Sunday.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Was Alina plain unlucky?

The Bigg Boss 2 evictions have a way of throwing up surprises. Last week, Alina Wadiwala and Raja Chaudhary were nominated for evictions. While it was expected that Raja would be nominated some time in the early episodes of the show, the nomination of Alina Wadiwala by fellow housemates came as a real surprise.
Interestingly, Alina had been in the Dumping Zone for two weeks consecutively, having been nominated the week before last along with Ketki Dave, Zulfi Syed and Payal Rohatgi. Apart from Alina, Rahul Mahajan had also felt the heat of the Zone for two weeks – once with Rakhi Vijan and then with Monica Bedi. Both times, it was the female who was evicted and Rahul romped home safely.
Alina had talked with all housemates as to why some of them had nominated her, when was nice to all and had not indulged in any bitching or backbiting so far. She confronted Sambhavana Seth and also shared her thoughts with Rahul Mahajan. In the earlier week though, she had apparently said certain things about Payal Rohatgi too for having nominated her.
But to her disappointment, Alina was shown the door. The housemate was a favourite with viewers, labelled 'too sweet'. It has come as a shock to Alina's newfound fans. At the same time, her detractors who'd labelled her as 'shrewd' have kind of had the last word.
The game probably would've been spoilt if Raja Chaudhary was evicted, as after being appointed Sarkar, his confidence had got a boost and he's currently flirting full on with Payal Rohatgi right in front of Rahul's (supposedly her boyfriend) eyes.
Keep watching Bigg Boss 2 on Colors, every night at 10 pm IST, to see how Alina Wadiwala's eviction affects the other housemates.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Big Boss 2 : Nominations This Week

This week housemates has nominated Elina for the consecutive time and Big Boss has has chosen Raja for using abusive language against Sambhavna. This week's nomination witnessed an unique feature. The housemates used to nominate in the confession room but this time they have nominate in the open hall - in front of every participants.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ashutosh is a backstabber!

Tonight's guests on Bigg Boss Season 2, Sajid Khan and his sister Farah Khan seemed to agree that Rahul Mahajan was a 'cutie pie' and was the most entertaining housemate. Sajid seemed to be sure that Ketki will be evicted while Farah was of the opinion that Zulfi or Alina would be out. Both of them wanted Payal to continue. Farah even nicknamed her "Khaitan" as Payal keeps referring to her 'fans' all the time. The other nicknames given by the celebrity siblings were: Boring for Debojit, Backstabber for Ahsutosh and Drama Queen for Sambhavna.
Meanwhile in tonight's episode, Ketki seemed more than relieved to be out of the BB2 house as host Shilpa Shetty pointed out, she looked "Happy." Ketki had a tearful reunion with her family and looked shocked when it was revealed that Payal too had nominated her. Among the housemates Alina sobbed the loudest when Ketki left and the girls even touched her feet. Ahsaan kept commenting on the proceedings in his usual style.
Among the three women left in the house, only Sambhavna has not been nominated so far, as both Payal and Alina have had a close call. The question now is, are the men in the Bigg Boss house conspiring against the women? Can any of the three girls survive till the very end?

It's 'Exit Ketki Dave' this week

The Ara Ra Ra fame Ketki Dave who became a household name with Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi has been evicted from the Bigg Boss 2 house this week. Ketki whose earlier brush with reality television was the dance show Nach Baliye has been desperately trying to regain her Kyunki glory back. But looks like her Bigg Boss 2 experience did not quite live up to her expectations.
Very early in the show, it was quite evident that Ketki was a bit of a misfit. Perhaps the seniormost member in the house in terms of age, she chose to be away from all the bitching and backbiting that the others indulged in. In week two, as people started forming their own groups in the house, Ketki once told Sambhavana how this was an unhealthy trend.
She was also the most disciplined of the lot, given that she was most often the first to wake up each morning. Ketki was ironically also the first to enter the Bigg Boss 2 house on day one.
In the second episode, in fact, Rahul Mahjan referred to her as Dadi, which Ketki did not take too kindly. Ketki found a friend in Ahsaan – another misfit of sorts and the two were seen bonding as they talked about the festival season that they would be missing while inside the house.
But Ketki was also the most enthusiastic of the lot when it came to participating in the different tasks. From making modaks to designing rangolis to being the vice-principal and PT teacher of the Pathshala, Ketki was always on the forefront of the scheme of things. Maybe this was her way of beating the boredom, since she didn't want to spend her time bitching about the other housemates.
If Ketki's age led to a generation gap between the other housemates and her, she was also a counsellor to them. Payal confided in her regularly about Rahul and her complicated friendship. A practical person, Ketki would also calmly hear out Alina and Sambhavana when they had soemthing to say about Payal.
If Rahul is the man obsessed with cleaning bathrooms, Ketki's first love was the kitchen. And regardless of what the other housemates think of her, they'll be missing her cooking.
In one of the episodes, Ketki was seen getting really emotional about her kids and maybe she is only thankful to be out of the house in time to get back to normal life.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ketki Dave evicted from Bigg Boss

Ketki Dave is the fourth contestant to have been voted out by public vote after Monica Bedi, Rakhi Vijan and Sanjay Nirupam. After the eviction from the house, Ketki expressed her gratitude towards Bigg Boss for providing her an opportunity to be a part of this big reality show.However, with the eviction of Ketki Dave, the Big Boss house is left with 9 contestants going all out to win the coveted title. Let us see who the next target is. The game is getting tougher and the contestants are bound to get shrewd!

Who's going to be safe today?

A lot of action is expected to happen on Bigg Boss 2 this weekend, as the viewers have voted not less than four people for the dreaded Dumping Zone on the show. The names are just shocking: the 'sweet and quiet' Alina Wadiwala, the 'helpful' Ketki Dave, the 'handsome' Zulfi Syed and well, adjectives fall short, the one and only Payal Rohatgi.
Rahul Mahajan is NOT in the Zone this time. After being in the dumping zone for 2 succeesive weeks, he is safe for this week. But his so-called girl friend is in the dumping zone this week. However, if Payal is evicted this week, it'll be interesting to see what happens between Rahul and Sambhavana. As for the others, one really can't say what impact it'll have on the other inmates.

Raja pulled down Rahul’s Knickers. Payal is asking for body massage.

Sorry but I could not think of any other headline for this post. This episode was full of weekly activity in which Bigg boss house was converted to primary school. Shambhavna, Rahul, Aalina, Zulfi and Raja were students of primary school. Ketaki is a PT teacher. Payal has been given job for teaching dance steps. Ahsaan is a Hindi teacher and Debojit will be teaching music notes. On top of everything, “lathmaar “ Ashutosh Kaushik has been given to role of principal. He has to look after at every activity and every student.

During break time, Raja wanted to measure Rahul’s height using his palm as measuring scale. He wittingly pulled down Rahul’s knickers during this act. Rahul got ashamed and wanted to cut this scene from this episode of Bigg Boss. “Lekin big boss kahan sunane wale hai … yahin to kuch light moments joki junta ko pasand aane wale hai”. Raja asked Aalina to mind her business during one of the session.

Ashutosh was in lighter mood and asking children on today’s lesson learnt. He was found doing “Saharanpur wala thumka” dance in restrooms when Payal was taking dance classes for students.

Payal realised that she is in danger. She told Rahul that she wanted to be herself from now onwards. She had started showing more skins to viewers. She can be found roaming around in 6 inches Knickers or asking Rahul to do body massage. This was noticed by Gang of Four (Not the GOF of design patterns… usko chchodo yaar) headed by Raja C. Raja said that she is doing to seduce male viewers asking for more. This will help her in getting votes. Good going Payal.

Sambhavna Seth is the best student

Principle Asutosh Kaushik has declaed Sambhavna Seth as the best student of the class and has given her the troffy and certificate today which in turn she wanted to share with Raja because she thinks Raja also deserves it but Raja politely kept it within Sambhavna only. Now this was the good part of it but Big Boss declared that like last week this week also they have failed the task and again there is a reduction in budget but they don't seem to agree with Big Boss's decision this time....anyway mano yaa mano Big Boss is the boss of the house!!!

Who will be the best student?

The day commences with everyone getting geared up for the last day at school. Today also being the assessment day, all the students are anxious.

Before the school everyone is busy revising whatever has been taught to them in the school. Sambhavana jots down the poetry on the board and everyone revises it.

Raja, Rahul and Zulfi are busy doing yoga when Rahul comments that Sambhavana will get the best student's prize.

During recess, Payal and Rahul get into a small tussle… Ketki says that if they go on saying they want Monica back in the house, Bigg Boss will never get her back….

Post lunch, it's time to select the best student.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Boss 2: First class of Pathshala

At 9:30 am, the bell rings. Humko Maan Ki Shakti Dena is played and everyone assembles for prayer. The PT teacher Ketki Dave, who teaches yoga, takes the first period…. Sambhavana and Raja are not getting along too well in the class.
Poetry teacher Ahsaan takes the next class. After that, Principal Ashutosh Kaushik asks everyone what he or she has learnt.
During the recess, Sambhavana and Rahul discuss how they are very sweet to each other but don't like each other….
Next is singing period by Debojit. Everyone sings Aye Mere Pyare Watan.
Payal is very happy with the present task given to her by Bigg Boss. She teaches kathak. Sambhavana is a quick learner in this class. All the students really enjoy the dance class. While Sambhavana and Ketki are bitching about Payal, Payal is seen talking to the camera and saying that she knows that Alina is bitching about her to everyone….
Bigg Boss calls Zulfi, Ketki, Alina, Sambhavana and Payal inside the confession room….

Rahul is cute as a student

In Episode 23, Bigg Boss assigned the 'Pathshala' task to the housemates. Ashutosh Kaushik is the Princy, while Ketki Dave is the Vice-Principal and PT teacher. Payal has to teach dance, Debojit, singing and Ahsaan has to teach poetry. The rest including Rahul, Sambhavana, Alina, Raja and Zulfi are students.

Payal smokes up, vomits

The housemates wake up as Bigg Boss plays the Fear Factor song. Ketki requests Bigg Boss to send agarbattis for puja, Payal also supports her in this request. Debojit, Ashutosh and Rahul are in the smoking area discussing nominations; Bigg Boss announces that the nomination procedure will start soon.
Sambhavana asks Ahsaan to find out who has been finalised by the group to be voted out. Ahsaan, Zulfi, Raja and Ashutosh have finalised Aloo (Payal) and Paneer (Alina).
Meanwhile, Payal asks Rahul and Zulfi if they have decided on their vote, as she is very confused. Rahul and Zulfi say that they are sorted and now prepared to vote.
While the nominations start, Bigg Boss declares that the housemates have broken yet another rule of the house – discussing nominations. At the same time, he is also aware that a certain group has already planned whom to vote out. Bigg Boss warns that in case they vote as per plan, it will automatically be null and void.
The nomination procedure begins. Each housemate goes into the confession room to declare whom they want to nominate. After the nominations, the housemates disperse into different areas of the house to carry on their usual work.
Sambhavana and Ashutosh are talking and the former advises the latter to be careful of Raja as he is playing a very solid game. Later, Bigg Boss announces the nominations of the week.
Payal enters the smoking area and suddenly starts smoking, as she is a bit tense, much to everyone's surprise. Rahul asks Payal to prepare Tang to which she refuses citing that since he was rude to her last week, he should now ask other women to do his work. Raja notices this and requests Payal to make Tang for him, saying that they are a family and at least they have been with her. Payal happily accepts to make Tang for Raja. With this, Raja smiles wickedly, as if he has won a war. Later, Payal makes the drink for everyone including Rahul.
After a while, a fight takes place between Payal and Sambhavana in the gym. Sambhavana tries to tickle Payal, which irritates her to no limits and she snubs Sambhavana. Later, when Payal is in the kitchen to make rotis, Sambhavana snubs Payal to take revenge. This leaves the two females fuming.
After lunch, Payal tells Alina that Sambhavana doesn't know how to conduct herself and is doing everything for footage. Besides, she wasn't tickling her but indeed touching her feet. And she doesn't approve Sambhavana touching her feet.
After this, Payal begins to vomit and declare that she is stressed. Rahul accompanies her to her room and consoles her. He asks her to forget the fight with Sambhavana and not to react to such incidents. He then asks her to sleep.
Raja also comes in immediately to comfort her. Surprisingly, Sambhavana shows her concern for Payal. She walks up to her and hugs her. Thereafter, Payal and Sambhavana clear out their differences.
While this is going on, Bigg Boss calls Ketki into the confession room for the task. Kekti comes out and reads out the task given. She declares that for the next three days, there will a Pathgsala. She announces that Ashutosh has been appointed the principal, herself as vice-principal and PT teacher, Debojit as singing teacher, Payal as dance teacher and Ahsaan as the poetry teacher by Bigg Boss. The rest of the housemates including Zulfi, Raja, Sambhavana, Rahul and Alina will be the students. There will be a Pathshala from morning to evening. On Wednesday, the best student will be selected by the principal and vice-principal and awarded.
The task begins, everyone gets ready for school. Sambhavana seems really upset with her uniform, as she feels it is too large for her. She complains to Bigg Boss and keeps the uniform in the confession room for him to exchange. Meanwhile she dresses casually for school.
The class begins and everyone introduces themselves. First, it is the students and later the teachers. Everyone is allotted roll numbers – 1 - Alina, 2 - Sambhavana, 3 - Zulfi, 5 - Raja and 6 - Rahul. Roll number 4 is missing because Rahul and Raja refuse to take it citing that the number is unlucky for them. So, the teachers decide to skip that number altogether.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jade Goody prepares to fight cancer.

Jade Goody was told she had a serious form of cancer. She would have died in 3 months if her cervical cancer went undetected. Goody has a hysterectomy scheduled for next week.
Goody’s doctors said that she had a large tumor on her womb and it was feared that the cancer might have spread to her bloodstream. If it had spread, secondary tumors may develop on other organs.
Goody said that she was gearing up to fight her cancer. She has two young sons and she wanted to be around for them. So far, she has not told them the truth about her cancer because she felt they were too young to understand.

big boss 2 Rahul-Ashutosh have a tiff

Does Sambhavna Like Zulfi Syed ?

Well we dont know how true this is but it been coming up in the show recently that sambhavna seth likes Zulfi and also that she changes whenever she sees zulfi. Offcourse we seeing hour of 24 hours cant judge whats going on but still the people wont be telling this without any reason. Today Sambhavna was asked by rahul and rakhi whether its true and then she confirmed with Zulfi whether he thaught that she had changed or not. Zulfi answered “No” all the time. By the way it was zulfi’s birthday aswell and he was wished late night by a suprise cake given by big boss. Anyways coming back to topic do you think she really likes her ?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Shilpa Shetty attacked by RPI supporters

Shilpa Shetty, the host of the second season of ’Bigg Boss’ on Colors channel was attacked by the Republican Party of India (RPI) leader, Ramdas Athavale and his followers in Lonavala near Mumbai.

Shilpa finished recording her interview with Ekta and her brother Tusshar Kapoor in Lonavala, the actress was stopped from returning to Mumbai by Athavale’s supporters who laid siege to the “Bigg Boss” venue and pelted her car with stones.

The reason behind such an attack dated back to last week, when Athavale approached the ’Bigg Boss’ house, but was prohibited from entering the spot by Shilpa’s manoeuvres.

But Shilpa says she has nothing to do with the selection of participants in the show.

Bigg Boss 2 : Nomination of this Week 08.09.08

Yet another nomination Monday in Bigg boss 2 house and many of us thought another Monday morning blues for Rahul Mahajan as he will again get nominated because of his behaviour and strange acts. But to all of us surprise, this week housemates has nominated Ketki Dave, Payal Rohatgi, Aleena Wadia and Zulfi Sayed . So now battle for eviction is between these four contestants.

Monica wants more time to clear up her maligned image

Monica Bedi, who has recently been voted out from the Big Boss show, is lamenting her departure, claiming that she did not get enough time to clear up her maligned image, as she takes time to open up.

After being voted out, Monica said, “I would like to thank god for keeping me in the house till at least three weeks and giving me a chance to come back after all what I have been through .”

Monica has had a pleasant time on the show where she mixed with the housemates well, helped everyone with the household chores and took active part in the weekly assignments.

On Monday’s episode, five house members nominated Monica (for being evicted) along with Rahul Mahajan

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Goody Again

British reality TV star Jade Goody is once again creating headlines. This time around, she has blamed Bigg Boss 2 producers for forcing her to share news regarding her illness in public. Meanwhile, old foe and Bigg Boss 2 host, Shilpa Shetty begs to differ. Here's more on the real reality TV war.
In an interview to the UK based TV channel GM TV, Goody revealed that she was tricked into giving out details about her illness on camera while she was in Bigg Boss' house in India. Goody exited from Bigg Boss 2 about two weeks back after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She was told about her illness in the show's diary room, which she later went on to share it with her housemates.
"The producers wanted me to go out and tell everybody. I can't do that, I need my family and friends to know before I just randomly say it on television, It was really horrible. It was really, really hard because I had no one at that time. When I found out all I wanted was a cuddle or something, and I had nothing," said Goody.
Meanwhile, in reaction to Goody's statements against the show, Bigg Boss 2 host Shilpa Shetty has gone on record to say that Goody was aware of what she was doing and saying while in the house. It looks as though the old foes are at it again.
Goody is scheduled to undergo hysterectomy.

Raja Chowdhury

Raja Chowdhury a much maligned abusive celebrity husband of Shweta Tiwari whose only claim to fame has been just the aforementioned link, didnt lose time in exposing his traits. Believe it or not his first sentence to ketaki dave on enetering the home was he just perfromed a dance with Shilpa on stage, unknowing of the fact that WE were tuned in and it was a blatant lie..which Shilpa pointed out without mincing words ” safed Jhooth”.
Raja Chaudhary played the main villain in the Bhojpuri film Saiyyan hamar Hindustani opposite his then wife Shweta, and the two even delivered a superlative performance in the popular dance reality show Nach Baliye 2.

'I hope my relationship is for keeps'

Actress Shilpa Shetty couldn't have asked for more - her career is going great guns and her personal life too is looking up ever since she met Britain-based businessman Raj Kundra. And she hopes their relationship will be for keeps.

"Raj is a huge support. I don't deny his presence. I'd expect it to culminate into something permanent. But there's too much speculation about it. Anything I say about my relationship will be misconstrued," says Shilpa.

When asked are you happy in the relationship, Shilpa said she would not be in a relationship if she was not happy. Asked whether Raj had taken hold of her life and career, she said, "No. All my vital decisions are still taken by my father. He's 67 and still very strong, touch wood. I keep telling my beautiful mother she has contributed nothing to my looks."

And where does her love life with Raj Kundra stand now? She says he is a huge support, and is proud of his presence.

Shilpa seems to have found her perfect match as Raj is not only a movie buff but also makes a point to see all her movies. That apart, he's helping her with her film-production plans. He has produced a film before, so he's experienced.

Girlfriend (Monica Bedi) gone. Rahul left with old friend and few foes

Non-Charismatic eviction day. Shilpa Shetty is as dull as ever. Rahul’s wellwisher saved him this time as well. Monica bedi had to quit the house.

It was expected that Monica may be the one to go because of her non-popularity in mass. She did’t want to go as she was expecting this use this platform to re-build her life, reputation and career. Same reason was with Rahul Mahajan. Both are still infamous because of their deeds in the past (Pls see my earlier post on the same).

One Group (Rakhi, Monica and Rahul) has been broken with careful planning. As per the format of Big Boss show, no one should discuss anything related to nomination process but this rule is being broken so many times. Bigg Boss is aware but he is not in mood of warn them because it may leads to higher TRP.

Endemol has realised that they are not able to maintain high TRP ratings what was seen during initial episodes of Big Boss. Jade Goody could have fetched large set of audiences but she had to quit in between.

Big Boss is losing its Charisma over audience. They are not able to hold audience considering other interesting programs/channels on the block. Newly launched channels like NDTV Imagine, Colors are giving touch fight to other channels during prime time.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bigg Boss-2 fortifies Colors at No 3 position

Over 11 million viewers tuned in to Bigg Boss-2 in the first week, according to aMap data, helping Colors, the month-old general entertainment channel of Viacom 18, keep its third place among 12 such channels.
STAR Plus and Zee TV remain number one and two, says aMap, the agency that discloses viewership data overnight, as opposed to the more-widely-accepted TAM data, which takes much longer time.
Viacom 18 is the television arm of the joint venture formed by Viacom and Network 18.
Bigg Boss-2, hosted by Shilpa Shetty, who became a recognised face in the UK after winning a show on the same format, is the second big success of Colors after the game show hosted by Akshay Kumar, the actor who has given five hit films in the last two years.
"Reality shows on general entertainment channels are certainly kicking in the viewership numbers. But will this continue, that is the big question," said a media analyst.
The first episode of Bigg Boss-2 on August 17 generated the highest ratings for Colors (1.6 per cent) in the 10-11 pm time band, beating even the ratings of STAR Plus (0.9 per cent) and Zee TV (0.3 per cent). After the impressive debut, it slipped up a little, but was the third most watched show in this time slot all of last week after the soap operas of STAR and Zee.
Bigg Boss-2 replaced Akshay Kumar-hosted Khatron Ke Khiladi, the desi version of international reality show Fear Factor, which, too, had been an instant success just like its successor and had been instrumental in taking Colors to the third place.
"Colors crossed the 100 GRP mark last week and continues to generate over 100 GRP, thereby keeping the number three position," said a Mumbai-based media planner.
GRP, or gross rating points, are generated by adding up the ratings on a channel for every half an hour.

It's 'Exit Monica Bedi' this week

Bollywood starlet Monica Bedi who was seen in many a B-grade flicks made front page news with reports about links with the underworld. Never really out of the limelight, Monica's decision to be part of a reality show made everyone curious.
Bedi struck an instant rapport with Rahul Mahajan. From day one, the two were inseparable making the other housemates draw all sorts of conclusions about their relationship. By the end of the first week Rakhi along with Rahul and Monica formed a trio of sorts. Some felt Rakhi was even making deliberate attempts to hook Monica with Rahul.
Payal came across as Moncia's enemy No 1. All this thanks to Rahul's affection towards the later. In fact even Sambyhavana was seen advising Rahul to stay away from Monica. The stage was set for a sizzling love triangle involving the flirtatious Rahul, the passionate Payal and silent Monica. With Rakhi and Monica out in successive weeks it looks like a well though out strategy by the housemates to eliminate Rahul's support system. This leaves Mr Popular Mahajan no choice but to start mixing around with the other members.
Despite all the negativity she has been inviting due to her friendship with Rahul, Monica has maintained a dignified silence all along. But in a house full of desperate people who won't stop at anything to get attention and drive their point home Monica sometimes comes across as too cold. She made a dazzling entry on the introduction episode by performing on a Kareena Kapoor item song. And showed the world that the Bollywood actress in her is very much alive and she can still do the jhatkas. Monica also did the raas leela on Janmashtami as one of good friend Rahul's gopis. Monica's troubled past might never leave her. Which is why just a few days into the show, the crime branch demanded uncensored footage of the show to get leads on her links with the underworld. Monica also received multiple warnings from Bigg Boss against talking without a microphone.
A lot of fans have been saying that Monica is one of the star attractions on the show. So let's wait and watch if she makes a comeback in the wild card round.

Payal flirts with Raja

Raja seems to be opening up day by day. He looks very happy and is dancing. He asks Sambhavana to teach him salsa, which she happily obliges. After a couple of steps, Raja does a Cha Cha Cha with Sambhavana. He then teaches salsa to Alina. Ketki is finding Raja's dancing skills really funny. Raja moves on to do kathak and tries to teach Debojit. While both are doing kathak, Payal notices their beat is not right and explains the right beats.
Payal is talking to Raja in a flirtatious manner and says that she is smarter than the rest of the housemates and is not interested in ruining her image. And the day she feels she can't continue in the Bigg Boss house, she will walk out. Meanwhile, Rahul and Monica are walking and discussing how Payal was furious with Rahul.

Debojit composes Bigg Boss song

The housemates wake up with the Dhol Baja song from Yuva. They notice that there is no gas in the stove and no water in the shower. All of them complain to Bigg Boss, as they are unable to cook anything. Bigg Boss calls Raja in the confession room and tells him why there is no gas in the stove – somebody forgot to switch off the gas the night before and this could have resulted into a grave accident.
Ashutosh and Raja start discussing their childhood and the nursery rhymes they learnt at school. Raja is again called to the confession room and the housemates are given the task of composing a song on Bigg Boss. Raja assigns Ahsaan to write the lyrics and Debojit to compose and sing the song. Since Debojit and the others fail to come up with the song on time, Bigg Boss gives them extra time till evening.
After all this, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to prepare modak on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Ketki gets the task of making modaks. But since she doesn't know how to make them, she gets upset and tells Bigg Boss 'Izzat Ka Faluda Kar Diya'.
Debojit on the other hand also gets upset on forgetting his original composition on Bigg Boss and asks Bigg Boss to play it once for him.
We find Ashutosh and Raja discussing Rahul again, and how he knows very well what to say and what not to say. Later, Sambhavana joins them and says that Monica, Rahul and Payal are plotting.
Later, Ashutosh and Sambhavana are discussing the Friday evictions. Ashutosh says that he feels Rahul will be eliminated while Sambhavana feels Monica will be the one to leave the Bigg Boss house. She feels that Rahul has strong supporters outside who will vote for him. While Ashutosh feels it's Rahul's behaviour that will lead to his elimination.
Before lunch, we find Rahul and Payal discussing the former's behaviour towards the latter in the living area.
In the evening, the housemates come up with the song Yeh Hai Bigg Boss Ka Ghar and perform it at the performance area in the house. Raja finds the lyrics of the song quite funny and passes a remark.
Later, Raja and Alina talk about the elimination and discuss what they think of other housemates. Suddenly Bigg Boss surprises Debojit by playing his earlier composition and everyone is happy and they start dancing and singing.
Early evening, the housemates gather to do a puja for Ganesh Chaturthi and recite quite a few Ganesh bhajans. As the evening unfolds, Bigg Boss calls Debojit, Sambhavana, Ashutosh, Zulfi and Payal in the confession room to ask them how they are feeling being in the Bigg Boss house and if they are happy.
Later, we find everyone sitting in the garden. Monica and Rahul ask everyone why they have been nominated and everyone says it's because they are a treat to the rest.
Monica is called into the confession room and informed that the weekly task given to them has been unsuccessful, so they have been given a limited budget of Rs 1,300 for this week. And that they should immediately gather in the living room and prepare a list of things they need for the week and submit it.

Bigg Boss 2 - Rahul Mahajan "Out"

Don’t know If this is true or not, but the news was that Rahul Mahajan wanted to be one of the 14 participants for the Bigg Boss 2. But he was said a big “No” by the producers of the Bigg Boss as they think he was too controversial to be in.

Well, won’t we all love to have such controversial people in the house? What’s the fun if we have stupid and boring people like last year’s winner Rahul Roy in the house? This season I hope the public will vote sensibly and we will have a deserving winner and Rahul is still in even after 2 nominations in a row!!

Rahul Mahanjan Bio

Rahul Mahajan is the son of the late Indian politician, Pramod Mahajan. Rahul Mahajan came into the news when his father was shot by his own brother and struggled for his life for twelve days before succumbing. Television footage showed him comforting his sister and mother and maintaining a stoic demeanour. There were rumours that Mahajan would be inducted into the BJP to follow his father’s footsteps.
However, exactly a month after his father’s death on June 3, 2006, Mahajan was hospitalized after an alleged cocaine overdose. His father’s secretary, Bibek Maitra was also rushed to the hospital but was pronounced Dead on arrival. The two had imbibed a cocktail of drugs along with champagne. Mahajan recovered, but on his discharge from hospital on June 6 2006, he was arrested by the Delhi Police on charges of drug possession and consumption.
The case has become more complex due to the fact that there are several different versions of what happened that night, and the fact that Apollo Hospital, where the two were admitted, said in a press conference that Mahajan’s toxin screens were negative for all known drug types. An independent testing of Mahajan’s blood has yielded different results, with high quantities of opiates detected in his blood sample. Apollo hospital has since changed their answer, saying that traces of barbiturates and opiates were found in his bloodstream. The forensics lab, after examining Mahajan’s gastric lavage, has declared that heroin had been consumed, probably after mistaking it to be cocaine, and the Indian press has compared the incident to the movie Pulp Fiction.
In July 2006, he got engaged to Shweta Singh; someone who he has known for 13 years. They were in flying school together in the US, and also flew for the Indian ariline Jet Airways. This engagement is a little controvertial in its timing, with people wondering why it was so sudden.
Then Rahul got married to Shweta. The wedding was held at Blue Sea, a marriage hall at Worli sea face in central Mumbai near the Mahajan residence. The vedic ceremony started in the morning and the couple were married at an auspicious point of time around 11-30 a.m. `Mangalashtakas' were recited at the beginning of the wedding, family sources said.
The wedding was a simple affair. BJP leader Gopinath Munde, who is the brother-in-law of Pramod Mahajan, groom's mother Rekha Mahajan and sister Poonam received the guests. None from Pravin Mahajan's family attended.
It was a marriage that pulled Rahul Mahajan out of relentless media glare in the cocaine-heroin snorting case and planted him in the carefully crafted picture of marital bliss.
When Rahul married his old sweetheart, Shweta, on August 29 last year, less than a month after he was charged under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, it was almost a desperate attempt to banish all those disturbing images, beginning with his father's violent death in Mumbai in May.
"It was my karmic duty to stand by the man whom I loved during his trials and tribulations,'' Shweta was quoted as saying.
"He's not as bad as he is made out to be. I know Rahul too well to believe all this.''
On Thursday when she filed for divorce in a Gurgaon court, by mutual consent, she was reticent. "This is a case of mutual understanding and it's personal. I would not like to comment,'' she told reporters, outside the courtroom, before dashing out through the backdoor.
This time there was no need for pretending they were together, no occasion for a joint photo op like the one at the airport in the midst of swirling allegations that she had been physically abused. "We want to stay separately. There is no pressure on us.''
These two lines in the mutual divorce petition filed on Thursday before the district and sessions judge by Shweta, who has been staying in Gurgaon since December last year, summed up the story.
Rahul didn't even turn up, sending a representative with a general power of attorney, after his wife had waited for a long time.
When case No. 34, the mutual petition of Rahul and Shweta, which was signed by both, came up, Justice Ramendra Jain adjourned the hearing to January 24 since Rahul wasn't present.
It is also said that the sole reason of Rahul and his wife Shweta’s break-up is Payal. For quite sometime, Rahul and Shweta’s married life was going through a rough weather and Payal’s meddling has further acidified the situation. Her interference has acted like adding fuel on the fire.
Though Payal and Rahul are reluctant to open their mouth, the duo is very often spotted together. According to sources, Payal had thrown a big bash for Rahul at a five-star hotel and both played the role of a perfect host to their guests. Through out the party, they were closely connected.
Rahul and Payal had been friends for six years and Rahul’s ties off with his wife had brought the couple closer and Payal took the desired position.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Monica Bedi evicted from Big Boss 2

This time it was Monica Bedi's turn to quit from Big Boss 2. Once again the luck favored Rahul Mahajan. Monica Bedi, the actress who was in the 'dumping zone' of Bigg Boss 2 along with Rahul Mahajan, was voted out of the show on Friday night.
Many of us believed that rahul might have to pack his bag this time as he was in the dumping zone for two consecutive weeks. But this time also he is safe like the previous week.

Who's going to the lucky chap today: Monica Or Rahul?

Love him or hate him, you can't ignore him – that seems to be the general opinion of the Bigg Boss 2 housemates and viewers alike about Rahul Mahajan. Rahul was in the Zone with Rakhi Vijan all of last week, before she was evicted. The Zone was open again and unfortunately for Rahul, he has been voted again for it.
Accompanying Rahul in the not-so-coveted Zone is former actress Monica Bedi. Again, many a comment from the viewers says she's sweet and simple and gorgeous, and her quiet nature a sort of revelation. But here too, the fact remains that Monica has been 'Dumped'.
Recent trends prove that Rahul might be the lucky chap once again because of his increasing popularity.
Now, who finally gets evicted, is up to the viewers.

Raja's Sakar Fails...........

On day 18 of BB2 Big Boss declares Raja's Sakar's failure and thats the reason for a lower weekly budget of Rs.1300 (last week it was Rs,1900) and suddenly Raja becomes very silent and goes to bed very early (yeh bhi strategy hai kya boss?...only Raja Ji knows!!). Ketki makes fun of him; Payal and Sambhavna enjoys (mostly Payal). Today Big Boss called Payal, Debojit, Sambhavna, Zulfi and Ashutosh separately in confession room to inquire about "ghar ka haal chaal", Debojit was very straight in his opinions... Asutosh tried to play a little tricky, Zulfi played safe, Sambhavna was shattered because of Raja's gear change as a leader.....Payal was upset because of Rahul's ignoring her (they had a little "anban" in between!!)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big Boss: Photo Gallery

Payal flirts with Raja

The episode begins with the Airtel song as the wake up call. Ahsaan is talking to Zulfi about Rahul's overconfidence and his attitude. Meanwhile, Rahul and Monica are bitching about Sambhavana's attitude. Ahsaan asks Rahul to be careful and tells him that anyone can backstab him and suggests he learn to deal with situations properly.Later, Rahul, Monica, Payal, Alina, Raja and Ashutosh decide to go into the pool and swim. Thereafter Monica joins in and towards the end only Monica and Rahul are left to enjoy themselves.Sambhavana and Zulfi are discussing about Rahul and Monica's strategy of confusing the public. They wonder whether the harmless flirting between the two has been staged or is it for real?Ketki is sitting in the gym area and is suddenly surprised to see Rahul with a face pack on his face. She can't help but smile, and asks, 'Yeh Kaun Hai?' Now, even Raja wants a face pack, so do Debojit and Ahsaan.Raja appoints Ketki to supervise the cleanliness task. Raja seems to be opening up day by day. He looks very happy and is dancing. He asks Sambhavana to teach him salsa, which she happily obliges. After a couple of steps, Raja does a Cha Cha Cha with Sambhavana. He then teaches salsa to Alina. Ketki is finding Raja's dancing skills really funny. Raja moves on to do kathak and tries to teach Debojit. While both are doing kathak, Payal notices their beat is not right and explains the right beats.Later in the afternoon, Ketki and Sambhavana are talking about this week's nominations and Rahul. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss calls upon Zulfi to enquire if he is keeping Roza, to which he replies in the affirmative and informs BB that he is unable to guess the time for this. Bigg Boss tells him that from today onwards, there will two alarm sets – one in the morning and the other in the evening for informing Zulfi about the Roza timings.Payal is talking to Raja in a flirtatious manner and says that she is smarter than the rest of the housemates and is not interested in ruining her image. And the day she feels she can't continue in the Bigg Boss house, she will walk out. Meanwhile, Rahul and Monica are walking and discussing how Payal was furious with Rahul.Zulfi breaks his Roza. Thereafter, the Panchayat session is organised and Sambhavana reads out the letters in the suggestion box and discusses the housemates' grievances. Ketki tells Ahsaan to follow the rules of the house in order to survive in the house.

Sambhavana is the Rakhi Sawant of the house

The episode begins with the song Mehbooba Mehbooba from Sholay. Rahul and Monica are discussing the eviction, and ask each other 'Are you okay'?
Payal tells Rahul that he should keep away from Monica, as she is bitching about him. She further asks Rahul to behave himself as he is on a national television and besides he seems to have become the laughing stock of the house.
In the morning, everyone has been given the task to clean the house. Alina has been appointed supervisor by Raja. Monica is cleaning the floor, while Alina cleans the swimming pool. Rahul as usual is limited to cleaning the bathrooms and Ketki is busy in the kitchen…cooking!

It's surprising to see Zulfi cutting papaya and watermelon. While the cleaning is taking place, Ashutosh cleaned and plunged into the swimming pool, much to the annoyance of Rahul.
Rahul complains to Raja that no one seems to be interested in the cleaning task. Raja agrees and is infuriated. He asks Alina to tell Zulfi to clean the basin and the showers. Alina seems to be a bit upset. She tells Zulfi to take up the work and gets back to cleaning the floor. While she is cleaning, she expresses a feeling to slapping someone badly.
Raja, Zulfi and Ahsaan are taking about the Sarkar election process. Sambhavana bitches to Raja about Rahul. While all this is happening, Debojit starts singing and Alina, Payal, Sambhavana and Monica start dancing.

Bigg Boss calls Sambhavana to the confession room and asks her to pick up the box on the table and read out the letter in it to the other inmates. He also asks her to keep the box on the small table lying in the gym area. Sambhavana then informs all the housemates that the Bigg Boss is keeping a suggestion box in the gym area.

Later, Raja, who is the Sarkar, asks Sambhavana to get the suggestion box to check on what people have written. While going through the suggestions, Raja along with Rahul and Monica find out that most of the people in the house think Sambhavana is breaking the house into two groups. Monica and Raja agree. Monica informs Raja that Sambhavana is the one who wanted to nominate him and Zulfi.
While these people are talking, somehow, Sambhavana gets a feeling that they are talking about her. She tries to approach Raja and Rahul. Before she reaches to them, they ask all the housemates to collect into the garden area and confront Sambhavana and ask her to confess her doings.
Sambhavana tries to justify her action and says that she is innocent and has been dragged unnecessarily into all this. She confronts other housemates, which results into arguments and tiff. After this, Sambhavana approaches Raja. Raja tells her that everyone is against her and states that she is the Rakhi Sawant of the house. This results in infuriating Sambhavana further.
Around late evening, Payal and Rahul have a huge showdown. The fight revolves around Rahul's behaviour, his friendship with Monica and other issues.
APanchayat session is organised in the smoking area to discuss the issues people have in the house. It also revolved around Sambhavana behaviour and actions. Later, all the boys in the house start bitching about Sambhavana.
As the day is ending, Rahul and Monica are chatting and discussing their eviction. Rahul says that he doesn't want Monica to go and vice versa.

Another eventful day in Big Boss 2

Big Boss’s house became a battlefield on day 17!!.. Being the leader of the house Raja has all the powers in the house and as a part of the task he won’t have to do anything for himself (or else what will his “prajas” do??) and in the leader mood he suddenly ordered Ketki Dave can’t eat “dugdhi” (plain rice) everyday, I wan’t “pulao” though Zulfi wanted plain rice with chicken but he readily got adjusted saying “mein roti ke saath chicken khalunga aap is ke liye pulao banado”…but Ketki was not in a mood to follow the leader’s order she suddenly said he cannot order me like this.. look at Alina she is doing all the cleaning like a servant (please note the word!!) and no one is helping her and she is not even able to ask help from anyone this is all because of Raja’s leader giri!!.... Alina was suddenly in a shock and tried to convince Raja that she doesn’t think like that at all. It seems that Ketki wanted to release her grudge by involving Alina but what happened?.... Raja got offended on Alina and started shouting “kisiko kuchh nehi karma hai, jao jaake baitho sob” and Alina started crying!!....shuru mein Rhaul ne thodasa dilasa dene ki kaushis to ki but she went to the bathroom (with a chair!!) and kept crying and ultimately Raja and Ashutosh came in and handled her.
Then comes Mr. Ehsaan Qureshi (who was not able keep his Roza this Ramadan this time because of his diabetes) who passed a comment like “chhote kapre pehnti hai Payal” while Payal was swimming the in pool (she was in bikini mind it!!) and that offended Payal like anything and she first attacked Ehsaan on that, Ehsaan Bhai readily said sorry (chalo sorry, yeah wapas le liya shabd!) but Payal kept murmuring in front of the other boys (kya bolte rehta hai who…iski bra ka strap kyon dikhta hai!! aare yaar eisaha fashion hai aajkal aapko samajh mein na aye to chup raho!!) then came Raja asking Ehsaan for an explanation…Ehsaan said sorry again but Raja (being the leader!!) kept saying “aisa maat bolo..aisa nehi bolna chahiye tha…falana falana…”, Ehssan got angry and denied dinner but ultimately Raja managed to make it up (chalo mein aapko apne haat se khilata hu..kaise nehi khaoge aap!!).
It seems like everybody is fighting for survival now that’s why Payal suddenly discusses house’s inside politics with Raja (she says she is pretty straight, smart and intelligent!!), well Raja ji aapko to 1 week ta sultaan ho…abhi to our kitne weeks baki hai…..dekhte hai fir kya hota hai………

Shambhavna is declared Vamp. Leader Raja Choudhary is sorry.

Big Boss is getting interesting now a days. Big Boss itself disclosing conversations to others to create stir in this small house. I think, Endemol has realised that TRP can be enhanced only if there are more and more enmity and controversies within the Big Boss house.
Raja Choudhary has been made leader of this pack. He has been given mandate to solve problems with in the house. On one hand, he is making sure that there is cornflakes for Debojit moshay and on the other hand, he is trying to clear air about Rahul Mahajan and Monica Bedi’s groupism.
Rahul and Monica realised that one of them will be out this week. They wanted to make sure that they don’t get nominated again next week. They had discussions with Raja separately and it was one on one. During discussion, it came out that Shambhavna is the one, who is creating rift with in the house. Raja realised his mistake in nominating Rahul and Monica and said that he felt sorry for the same.
During one of the panchayat, Monica wanted Shambhavna to disclose everything she did to them. Shambhavna lost his temper and started accusing Rahul and Monica and started telling names. No doubt that She is very similar to her colleagues like Rakhi Sawant.
House members realised that Shambhavna is not as clean as she shows. There will be few interesting discussions in next couple of days. Next nominations will be closed watched. It seems to me that Shambhavna will be one of the person to be nominated. I am closely watching UP ka bhaiya, Mr. Ashutosh Kaushik. I will provide more details about him in my next post. Till then, enjoy Ganesh Chaturthi. Jai Karnataka and Jai UP and India and ……

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Goody cries foul play, Shilpa disagrees

British reality TV star Jade Goody is once again creating headlines. This time around, she has blamed Bigg Boss 2 producers for forcing her to share news regarding her illness in public. Meanwhile, old foe and Bigg Boss 2 host, Shilpa Shetty begs to differ. Here's more on the real reality TV war.
In an interview to the UK based TV channel GM TV, Goody revealed that she was tricked into giving out details about her illness on camera while she was in Bigg Boss' house in India.
Goody exited from Bigg Boss 2 about two weeks back after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She was told about her illness in the show's diary room, which she later went on to share it with her housemates.
"The producers wanted me to go out and tell everybody. I can't do that, I need my family and friends to know before I just randomly say it on television, It was really horrible. It was really, really hard because I had no one at that time. When I found out all I wanted was a cuddle or something, and I had nothing," said Goody.
Meanwhile, in reaction to Goody's statements against the show, Bigg Boss 2 host Shilpa Shetty has gone on record to say that Goody was aware of what she was doing and saying while in the house. It looks as though the old foes are at it again.
Goody is scheduled to undergo hysterectomy.

Do Chaar Gossip Ki Bateein!!

On day 16 of BB2 Payal warned Rahul many times about Monica's double standards Rahul apparently listened to her but didn't seem to get bothered much!!...Akir Kya Kichidri Pak Rahi Hai Prabhu Jee ke man mein!!.....mean while Sambhavna is getting angry every now and then and throwing galis for free!!.....at around 1:15 AM at night Debojit, Zulfi and Raja was bitching about her (even boys bitch a lot!!...whats say!)...Rahul joined them shortly and told to the camera..."Uncle Aunty aa jao or 2 jute maro iss ladki ko....are haan main Sambhavna ki baat kar raha hu...."...are Sambhavna's parents watching Big Boss?....

Jade Goody’s cancer was misdiagnosed

Jade is in London and has said that her Doctor gave her an all clear initially and given just pain killers for her period pains. Only after getting this all clear, she decided to join Big Boss in India.
She was diagnosed with cervical cancer during her participation in Big Boss show. She left the show and went back to London for cancer treatment.
She also throws surprise on Big Boss’s continue filming when she was disclosing her news of Cancer to co-participants. She claims that she was not aware that the conversation was being filmed.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Payal Rohatgi Wallpapers

Bigg Boss 2 : Bigg Boss2 had a peak TVR of 2.56

Colors has raced to the third spot in the Hindi general entertainment channel (GEC) space, narrowing the gap with Zee TV.
Colors has a total of 163 GRPs (gross rating points) as against Zee TV’s 220, as per Tam (C&S, 4+, HSM) data for the week ended 23 August.
In its opening week, Bigg Boss2 had a peak TVR of 2.56. The reality show that runs seven days a week debuted on 17 August with 2.17 TVR.

Rahul Mahajan interested in - Payal Rohatgi or Monica Bedi?

Rahul was initially seen to be getting close to Payal Rphatgi but he is in no mood to date the actress anymore. Incidentally Rahul had chosen Payal to play his Radha after he was voted Krishna by the house member on the occasion of Janmasthami.
The question is whom is Rahul Mahajan interested in - Payal Rohatgi or Monica Bedi? On the “Bigg Boss” cameras he seems to be completely ignoring Payal and lavishing interest on Monica.
In fact, Rakhi was heard scolding Rahul last week for “freaking” Monica out by flirting with her. To this Rahul replied that he was only indulging in some “time pass”.

Election in Big Boss's House!!

On day 15 of Big Boss 2 all the members were given with a unique task for selecting 2 leaders out of all and 2 speakers for each of the leaders and they had to choose 2 signs out of the provided 4. Members selected Raja Chaudury (Radio Sign) and Sambhavna (Bijli Sign!!) Seth as leaders and Eshan Bhai and Rahul Mahajan as their respective speakers but Rahul was not happy with that and he tried to push Monica in place of Shambhavna but Shambhavna got badly offended by that and left the living room throwing nice censored words!! Then they all decided to make Ashutosh as her speaker but Big Boss didn't approve that and the initial pairing was kept!! Both Ehsaan and Rahul had to campaign for their respective leaders and ask votes for them and at the end Shambhavna got only 1 vote (Payal's) and Raja was chosen the leader of the house which gave him enormous powers!! First thing he'll not have to do any work he'll just supervise other's work, secondly he will be out of next week's nomination process, 3rdly he alone will have the power to choose one of the nominations next week!!....HAI NA KAMAAL KI BAAT!!

Rahul Nominated Again Along With Monica This Time!!!

Rahul Mahajan is nominated again for evication (2nd time in a row) and this time his companion is his best friend (other members say so!!) Monica Bedi!!... and he is so disturbed that he has clearly declared that he won't be cleaning the bathrooms any more...fair enough...Kishan Kanhaiya is not at all happy! Probably Monica already guessed that after Rahul and Rakhi (RR Productions!!) nominations and Rakhi's eviction last Friday this time she will be targeted by the other members of the Big Boss's house and she tried her level best to show her disliking for Rahul but that didn't work and she got nominated for eviction.
Three members got penalty for breaking rules. They are Ashutosh Kaushik, Shambhavna Seth and Alina. Shambhavna and Alina were found to be talking without their microphones. Ashutosh was found to be adamant (as usual) in taking nap in afternoon.
As part of weekly activity, they got to form two political parties and select their leaders. Rahul was inclined for Monica, which frustrates Shambhavna. Shambhavana was taking names.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Bigg Boss 2 : Shilpa to marry with her NRI boyfriend Raj Kundra

At present, Shilpa is hosting Bigg Boss season 2 , the Indian version of Big Brother .
Shilpa Shetty who has become an international figure post her Big Brother success and racism criticism is all set to start a family with her NRI boyfriend Raj Kundra. All her colleagues had settled down and she finds this is the right time to start up a family. Though she hesitates to speak about her personal life in public, while speaking to a news daily, she divulges
“I normally don’t talk about my personal life, but his name is Raj Kundra. We met a year ago.”
She further revealed, “For the next 18 months, I’ve got my hands full with work, so I can’t really think of marriage yet but, after that, I definitely want it to culminate in marriage. And, of course, I’m dying to have a family - at least two children.”

'I am missing the people inside...'

After Sanjay Nirupam, it was the turn of actor Rakhi Vijan to be kicked out of Bigg Boss 2's house. CNN-IBN correspondent Varsha Pillai caught up with her after the exit.
Rakhi, you are out this week. Are you happy, it's a sense of freedom, or are you sad, what are your first reactions?
First of all, I want to tell everybody that Bigg Boss 2 rocks. Secondly, I have really enjoyed myself inside. I am out, I am really happy. I met my parents and everything but I am missing the people inside.
Any tips that you want to give to people to survive in the Bigg Boss 2 house?
Just be yourself. Do not put up an act.
Within the house, it's all about politics. Have you learnt those games yet?
I am quite dumb at that. I will never learn but the thing is that you cannot blame any of the contestants.
There is a chance that you might go back into the house as a wild card, how much are you looking forward to that?
If there is a wild card entry, I would love to go in. I am going to go in and have fun.

Psychologist to keep eye on Bigg Boss participants

To ensure that they don’t suffer an emotional breakdown on national television like Amit Sadh did last season, some participants of Bigg Boss with ‘highly public backgrounds’ have submitted a list of warning signs to the counselor. This combined with the doctor’s own analysis will prove as reference material when the proceedings of the house are on.
Bandra psychologist and show counsellor Seema Hingorrany, who said the show is taking extra care this time around to ensure that patients on the verge of emotional breakdowns are attended to immediately. “Some, whose private lives have been under public scrutiny for a long time, clearly told me to watch out for certain withdrawal signs,” said Hingorrany.
All participants were mentally evaluated and briefed by the counsellor before entering the Bigg Boss house on Saturday. In addition to this, Hingorrany, with four more members, will be continuously monitoring the participants. When asked if medication would be provided to participants who show signs of breaking down, Hingorrany said that while her team was on standby, she didn’t think it would come to that.
The channel that telecasts Bigg Boss did not invite the media to shoot the episode where the contestants were introduced.But to create an ambience of the media covering the episode, several photographers were hired, paid Rs 1,000 each and told to just flash their cameras.

Big Boss 2 and Rahul Mahajan

He was perhaps the biggest surprise when the Bigg Boss 2 line up was announced. Son of a politician and a socialite with a rather colourful and eventful past, one would have thought Rahul Mahajan’s background is a little too elitist for Hindi reality television material.
But the guy seems to have taken to the format of the show pretty well. Unlike other housemates who are constantly whining and complaining, Rahul has brought a touch of goofiness to the show. How audiences react is something only the future episodes will reveal.From day one Rahul’s been trying to project himself as the smooth operator of the house trying to be a hit with the ladies. When the girls were quarreling about the toilets, Rahul did some timely firefighting. And he volunteered to fix the loos after giving a graphic description of his actions which nearly brought the house down. Rahul was also extra friendly towards Jade Goody.On day two Rahul went into overdrive cracking joke after joke. Quite strange considering Ahsaan Qureshi is a pro at stand up comedy - Who by the way didn’t look too amused with Rahul’s humour. Rahul’s body language is relaxed and he is very comfortable with the hidden camera.On day three the actor within Rahul wakes up. For some reason he starts talking to the CCTV camera about how the show is getting high TRPs. Later he tries a solo act of sorts going on talking endlessly with the hidden camera.
On day four Rahul has brought his father’s angle into the plot as Sanjay Nirupam reads Rahul’s hand and talks about his influence in Rahul’s life. So, there it is. From emotion to comedy, Rahul’s doing it all and looks all set to become the star of the show. What’s he going to do next?

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Images Of Big Boss House

Bigg Boss - Jade Goody ignored cancer warnings for Bigg Boss

Big brother star Jade Goody has admitted that she ignored a fourth warning that she needed cancer treatment and went on to the Indian version of Big Brother, called Big Boss, for a 100,000 pounds fee. The reality TV star, who is now fighting advanced cervical cancer, already had three abnormal smear tests after enduring an operation to remove the cells.After her fourth abnormal smear, she ignored a letter urging her to return to hospital, instead hoping that the disease would go away on its own. "I couldn't think about it. You know me - just brush it under the carpet and hope it will go away," the Daily Star quoted Goody, as saying."They'd sent a letter to me ages ago telling me I needed to go in, but I'd been too scared to do anything about it," she added. Mum-of-two Goody decided to go ahead with her trip to India because the fee would be needed to raise her two young sons if she fell ill.

Rahul cleans toilets in Big Boss

Bollywood bombshell Shilpa Shetty has revealed that she is quite shocked at Jade Goody's decision to participate in India's Big Brother, but is happy at the same time, for she'll get a chance to show her ex-rival how welcoming Indians are.In last year's Celebrity Big Brother, the 33-year-old actress was labelled 'Shilpa Poppadom' by Goody.Goody, who also criticized eventual winner Shetty's cooking during the show, was branded a racist and Indians burnt effigies of her in the streets.Now, mum-of-two Goody has decided to enter Indian BB house this weekend in a bid to clear her name. The 27-year-old will also pocket a 100,000-pound fee."When I found out Jade was going on Big Brother India I was as shocked as when I first met her. Why go through this again," The Sun quoted show host Shetty, as saying."But part of me was really happy because it is an opportunity to show how welcoming we are."She's going in as someone who has had misconceptions about our country. I hope Jade learns first hand about our culture and how wonderful our people are," she added.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Three divorcees and couple of brewing love story. Ekdum Jhakaas story about Rakhi Tandon, Rahul Mahajan and Raja Choudhary

Interesting part of Big Boss is lying somewhere else, which have to be kindled by Big Boss to fire up the show ratings. We have got nice bunch of three divorcees, one breakup and signals of love story. Big Boss just has to concentrate and concoct these together and show episodes with this masala mix.
Raja, Rahul and Rakhi are divorcees whereas Monica Bedi can not be called divorcee but she breaks up with his “most-wanted” boyfriend. Monica has passport where she was shown as Abu Salem’s wife. It is not know if they were/are married.
Rakhi Tandon was in the news for her not-so-amicable divorce. Rakhi Vij (Tandon) was married to Rajiv Tandon. Rajiv is the brother of Raveena Tandon, ex-actress of Bollywood. They filed for divorce earlier this year. Rakhi was famous for her role as ‘Sweaty‘ in ‘Hum Paach‘ comedy serial but she took break from idiot box post her divorce.
Shweta Tiwari has filed for divorce from Raja Choudhary. They have got one daughter. Shweta blamed Raja’s heavy drinking for divorce and physical harassment and torture. Raja seems to be was violent, jealous and insecure. He had scuffled with one of the media person and bloke his one of the fingers. Apparently, Raja is also out of money now.
Rahul Mahajan got divorced from Shweta (Another Shweta) Mahajan. They got married year back and they were supposed to know each other since childhood. Shweta was/is air-pilot. No reason was given for quick divorce. It is well known that Rahul is druggist and started behaving oddly after his father’s death. Rahul’s closeness with Payal Rohatgi (Another contestant of Big Boss 2) is probably one of the reasons for this divorce.

'I wanted to announce that I am back' - Rakhi Vijan

Rakhi Vijan, the bubbly Sweetie of Hum Paanch wanted to announce to the world that she is back to television, and this was her very intention when she took up Bigg Boss.This week, it was Rakhi along with the 'Kishan Kanhaiya' of the house, Rahul Mahajan who found themselves in the eviction list and it was Rakhi who big adieu."I had a blast and was on a roll out there", says Rakhi. When asked about the reason for being evicted so early, the girl quips, "Two weeks was just not enough to make a name out there". Ask her about the tiff with Sambhavna and Rakhi gets defensive and says "I really did not know what she was up to. She was talking a lot at my back and when I got to know about it, it was too late".Rakhi feels that the Janmashtami celebration in the house was boring. "We could have done much more", says she. Ask her whether she takes home any memories from Bigg Boss, the lady gives a stern reply "Nothing of that sort happened in the house".The actress added on to say that she did not make any pals there in the house, and the only person she was fine with, was Rahul Mahajan. The girl wishes to chill off before doing anything else on television. "I need to go out first, only then can I think of doing something", says Rakhi as she concludes.

Alina turns bitchy

The episode begins with the Metre Down from the movie Taxi No. 9211 as the wake up alarm. The alarm goes on till all the housemates are up.
Later, Alina, Ashutosh, and Sambhavana are discussing Payal and think she's fake. This is the first time we hear Alina bitching about someone in the house. She feels Payal just puts on make-up all the time. And Payal cutting the bhindi without washing it took the cake, according to Alina.
Rahul says to Sambhavana that when he played the role of Krishna, he was at his best behaviour. He didn't smoke, he didn't even ask for it once, but now that he was off it, he would not share his cigarettes with anyone. But Rahul immediately changes his statement, saying that no one will anyways share it with him.
Rahul has a 'friendly' tiff with Raja over cigarettes. Raja tells him, "You will be nominated and just go. You should go away." Rahul asks him to take his words back….
Further in the episode, Rakhi is sharing her worries with Zulfi that she might be out. Zulfi says, "There are 50:50 chances of you going."
Bigg Boss calls Payal, Rahul, Rakhi and Monica into the confession room one by one…. Later, Shilpa Shetty takes over and starts her conversation with the housemates and the eviction results are announced for the second week.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Monica and Rakhi warned

It's a rooster alarm that wakes up the housemates this time. Sambhavana and Alina are discussing Payal. They remember how they had concluded after seeing her for the first time that they will not get along with her.

Then comes a warning from Bigg Boss. It's for Monica and Rakhi. They have been constantly removing their mikes while conversing with each other and at times with other inmates. Bigg Boss tells them that Rakhi has already been nominated and if they didn't follow the rules, Monica would be forced to leave the house.
Rahul is upset about the fact he's paying the price for being friendly with Rakhi, as everyone has now nominated him for eviction. Rakhi is eagerly waiting for Friday.
Sambhavana is seen telling Rahul to beware of both Rakhi and Monica, and that she's informing him about this, as she cares for him. But she also tells him how he thought he was on a higher level and nobody will ever vote him out.
The addition to the Janmashtmi task is that all the housemates have to make besan ke laddoo and kheer for the evening, and also draw a rangoli in the garden. Rakhi takes up the task of preparing laddoos while Zulfi opts to cook the kheer. Alina, Ketki and Debojit take up the rangoli task.
Payal gets some kheer for Rahul and feeds him. While this is happening, they exchange romantic glances.
Rahul is in a mood to tease and calls Ketki a dadi (grandmom), hearing which Ketki freaks out. She tells Rahul that from now on she will not enter the kitchen and cook for anyone in the house. On hearing this, Rahul gets tense, as he thinks she's the best cook in the house! He discusses this with Zulfi and Ashutosh.
Good news: The inmates win a 'luxury budget' after successfully completing their weekly task. Bigg Boss also announces that the boys are the winners of the Dahi Handi task. They win an extra hour's sleep for the next two days!

Rakhi Vijan evicted from BB2!

Rakhi Vijan, the actress who was in the 'dumping zone' of Bigg Boss 2 along with Rahul Mahajan, was voted out of the show on Friday night, August 29, 2008. Audiences apparently could not relate to the perpetually morose Rakhi they saw on BB2, as they remembered her as the cranky and funny girl from Ekta Kapoor's TV serial Hum Paanch.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Payal Rohatgi's stunning makeover!

The gorgeous Payal Rohatgi experienced an image makeover in the house of Bigg Boss recently.
When Rahul Mahajan was voted by the other house members to play Krishna on the occasion of Janmashtami, it didn't surprise many that he chose the lovely actress to be his Radha.
Payal had to shed her celebrity image and serve her Krishna as a task.
Is there more happening than meets the eye between this on screen Radha Krishna duo or is it nothing more than two people carrying out a task?

Sambhavna Seth, the Beautician in Demand!!

The girls in the Bigg Boss house are surely not missing their routines to the beauty parlour as Sambhavna Seth is there to help them!!
Very conscious about their skin and looks, the girls never fear to run to the beautician for help!! Here begins a hectic schedule for Sambhavna as she is seen doing Alina’s eyebrows. Alina feels that the girl has magic in her hands.. Then comes Payal to get a crash course from Sambhavna on threading. Well, when we talk of girls, can we leave behind the ‘Kishan Kanhaiya’ of Bigg Boss house Rahul Mahajan?? He too is there and says, “I also want to try my hand at threading”. Then Rahul gets threading done on his hand and also expresses his concern over the blackheads on his nose. Well, the end result is that, Sambhavna gets set to do a facial for Rahul!! It looks like Sambhavna can make a fortune at the Bigg Boss house using her beautician skills to the core!!

Ekta and Tusshar in Bigg Boss on Friday

The soap queen Ekta Kapoor and Bollywood comedy hero Tusshar Kapoor are grabbing all possible opportunities to promote their new film, CKkompany.
After being seen together in Zee TV’s SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Rakhi episode, Ekta and Tusshar will again be promoting their film together in COLORS’ popular reality show, Bigg Boss.
This film is being more popularized for the very reason that the viewer’s favorite television producer Ekta Kapoor will be seen showing her acting talent on the silver screen. Ekta and Tusshar will be interacting with this week’s evicted contestant of Bigg Boss on Friday August 29th in the eviction special episode. While Shilpa Shetty, the host of the show will be busy in announcing the evicted candidate from among the nominated contestants Rahul Mahajan and Rakhi Vijayan, the brother-sister pair will be seen promoting their film. This undoubtedly will be a double bonus for the audience….

Watch Rahul Mahajan as Krishna in Big Boss

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Does Sambhavna Like Zulfi Syed ?

Well we dont know how true this is but it been coming up in the show recently that sambhavna seth likes Zulfi and also that she changes whenever she sees zulfi. Offcourse we seeing hour of 24 hours cant judge whats going on but still the people wont be telling this without any reason. Today Sambhavna was asked by rahul and rakhi whether its true and then she confirmed with Zulfi whether he thaught that she had changed or not. Zulfi answered “No” all the time. By the way it was zulfi’s birthday aswell and he was wished late night by a suprise cake given by big boss. Anyways coming back to topic do you think she really likes her ?

Rakhi Tandon became aloof. Rahul Mahajan and Payal Rohatgi are no more friends

Rahul is very much worried about his eviction chances this week. Rahul was found praying to “Lord Krishna” to save him and give him one more chance. Rahul is trying hard to woo the audience to save him from eviction. He is throwing emotions to everyone talking about his past, his father sudden demise and his divorce. He is claiming to be normal human being and not a celebrity. He is blaming media to cover every aspect of his personal life. Luckily for him, Payal Rohatgi, her close associate for last 7 years, is also in Bigg boss house and providing solace to Rahul whenever she sees him in distress. Just by looking at these couple, one can safely say that they are no more mere friend but gone bit further. . It’s sure that either of Rakhi and Rahul will be shown the door this Friday. Rakhi Tandon has still not come out of shock of her nomination. She became aloof and non-responsive. I think, she can also tell the world about her personal life and recent divorce. This way, she can garner few sympathy votes. My heart tells me to vote for Rahul this week to avoid his eviction but my mind says that Rakhi will be the winner. I can see lots of link coming in my Blog who are looking for Rakhi and her Divorce. It seems that she is bigger celebrity than Rahul Mahajan. Let’s see for the result on Friday. As part of weekly activity, Rahul has been made ‘Lord Krishna’ whereas Payal accompany him everywhere as ‘Radha’. Rests of the guys are Krishna’s pal and will be doing ‘Dahi Haandi Phod’ on Wednesday. Gals have been “Gopikas” and would be taking part in “Raasleela”.

Two Groups and few individuals

As expected, groups have been formed before then 2nd nomination process. This time everyone was having enough time to understand each other. Clearly few groups have been formed, and undoubtedly Rahul Mahajan was the star of this episode as well as the group politics formation……
Rakhi Vijan, Monica Bedi and Rahul Mahajan have formed one group and have been found discussing about something (probably nomination process) by Big Boss. Big Boss warned them because they were pulling off their microphones and using code names to depict other contestants….below are the highlights…..
Sambhavna Seth is defensive as she thinks that she will be one of the person to be voted out. She started accusing Rakhi Vijan, Rahul Mahajan and taking Raja Chaudhury and Ashutosh Kaushik in to confidence.
Ashutosh Kaushik has been named as "Lathmaar" by Rakhi Vijan. Why ? Simple yaar. He cannot speak English and more over he talks in 'theth' Hindi.
Ashutosh Kaushik has taken Raja Choudhary and Ahsaan Qureshi in to confidence to vote the weed out. There will be time to vote each other but it will be much later not right now. Shambhavna Seth is more or less in this group only. Ashutosh Kaushik is going to be next big thing in this show.
Zulfi Saeed, Alina, Payal Rohatgi and Debojit Saha seem to be neutral (so far!!). Debojit, Payal and Alina are more close to Rahul's group than other. Zulfi can be found at other end of this rope.
Considering all this logistics, Rakhi Vijan was voted out by 7 participants whereas Rahul Mahajan gets handsome 5.
Both were in shock and trying to tell their part of stories so that "naasamajh" (never underestimate our janta, Janta Jarandhan hai) junta will not vote them out.
Rahul has been made Kishan Kanhaiya till Wednesday and Payal will be her Radha. Kishan Kanhaiya and his raasleela would the theme of this week. Lots of interesting rules are part of this game. Lets see how things turn up tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jade Goody had changed a lot: Shilpa Shetty

Actress Shilpa Shetty says she couldn't recognise her former 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemate Jade Goody when she saw her at the second season of 'Bigg Boss' - 'she had changed so much'.
Jade scorched headlines for making racial comments against Shilpa in Britain's reality show 'Celebrity Big Brother' in 2007. She came to India to participate in the second season of Indian version of 'Bigg Boss' last week, but left after she was detected with cancer.
'I was shocked and confused. I was filled with so many emotions. No matter what happened at 'Big Brother', I had spent considerable time with her in the house,' Shilpa, who is hosting 'Bigg Boss 2', told IANS.
'I felt really bad for her. Now I know why I couldn't recognise her when I met her. Life has put her through so much, she had changed,' added Shilpa.
Shilpa immediately wanted to meet Jade. 'But she had to be whisked away immediately from Lonavla Monday. Early Tuesday morning she had her flight from where she had to be taken for chemotherapy in London.'
She got Jade's phone number and spoke to her at the airport just before the stunned Big Boss housemate left for London.
It was an incredibly emotional experience for Shilpa, free of rancour.
'Speaking to her was not easy. It was very tough. There was never any rancour,' said Shilpa.
'Yes, I was hurt when in the 'Big Brother' house she made some comments about our country. But even in the house we had made peace after the initial rancour. Once I was out of the house, the media went to town and she got the brunt of it.'
Shilpa tried all the time to pacify the world press. 'Believe me, it was really sad when Jade was slammed. I never wanted to become a champion of the third-world at her cost.'
Interestingly, the channel Colors had asked Shilpa before inviting Jade Goody to be a contestant on Big Boss.
'Yeah, when the channel decided on Jade they asked me if it was okay with me. If I had any ill feelings towards her I'd have said no to Jade. But the truth is, there was no ill feelings towards Jade,' Shilpa said.
'My only precondition was that Jade should be treated well at Big Boss. I knew how it felt when to go into a foreign country and be in a hostile situation (Big Brother).
'To my delight, the Big Boss contestants were very nice to Jade. I felt so proud to see how she was treated. It just reiterated the fact we Indians are very forgiving and welcoming,' she said.
Shilpa is shocked by the cynicism of those who think this to be a TRP gambit.
'Jade's illness is not gimmick. She must've done pap-smear (cancer screening method) before coming to India. How would she know the tests would be so damning?'
Now Shilpa plans to meet Jade. 'I only had a chance to speak to her before she left. I will meet her when I go to London for the Unforgettables tour with the Bachchans next week.'

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tussle between Shambhavna and Sanjay Nirupam. Group-ism as well as fear of eviction is growing among contestants.

Shambhavna Seth has taken Sanjay’s remarks very seriously. Sanjay had spoken about Shambhavna Seth in last episode in full public glare. He told that he was warned not to participate in Bigg Boss where Shambhavna Seth type of contestants would be there. On probing of “type” remarks, Sanjay slipped few words about her being item girl and doing exposing her body to earn money. Shambhavna got pissed off and mentioned that there is no harm in doing this in entertainment business. Later in the same episode, Shambhavna mentioned (but not shown) about Sanjay remarked about her apt attire and gave reason that it might be because of her earlier comments. Being a shrewd politician, Sanjay could have avoided this controversy.
Sanjay is aware of all this back biting by Shambhavna and mention this to Big Boss in confession room that she is one of the dirty fish. There might be more among the fellow contestants. Sanjay is giving his judgment as if he is very clean.

Rahul Mahajan, Payal Rohatgi link-up illegally

Actress Payal Rohatgi who starred in Corporate, 36 China Town and Dhol is reported to share an illegal relationship with Bharatiya Janata Party leader and former union minister Pramod Mahajan’s son Rahul Mahajan. It is also said that the sole reason of Rahul and his wife Shweta’s break-up is Payal. For quite sometime, Rahul and Shweta’s married life was going through a rough weather and Payal’s meddling has further acidified the situation. Her interference has acted like adding fuel on the fire.
Though Payal and Rahul are reluctant to open their mouth, the duo is very often spotted together. According to sources, Payal had thrown a big bash for Rahul at a five-star hotel and both played the role of a perfect host to their guests. Through out the party, they were closely connected.
Rahul and Payal had been friends for six years and Rahul’s ties off with his wife had brought the couple closer and Payal took the desired position. Rahul Mahajan was also involved in drug abuse case and was hospitalized for consumption of high dosage of drugs.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Janmashtami in Bigg Boss House!!

Housemates in Bigg Boss celebrate Janmashtami in style!!
The task given to the girls on August 25th, Monday is to select the housemate amongst men who is most suited to play Krishna and the unanimous choice is Rahul Mahajan!! Rahul gets to choose his Radha and zeroes in on Payal Rohtagi, while the other housemates become the Gopikas.

The housemates get decked up in their respective roles and the task laid before them is to stay in the same get-up till Wednesday. Rahul, the Kanhaiya can surely look forward to a gala time with his Radha and Gopiyaa, but at the same time, he needs to stay away from his beloved cigarettes for three days now!!
While Rahul can express his desires and needs to Payal, the Gopikas are entrusted with the task of keeping their Krishn happy. The Bigg Boss house this week is surely a place of entertainment, as its 'Ras Leela' time as the housemates perform on many Indian numbers!!.

Bigg Boss warned Rahul Mahajan

Rahul Mahajan’s addiction for cigarettes can now screw things for him!! Rahul tried to instigate all other contestants to demand for cigarettes and asked them to revolt against Bigg Boss by simply removing their microphones.

The provocative behavior of Rahul Mahajan has not been appreciated by Bigg Boss who is said to have warned Rahul that if he continues to do so, he might get evicted from the contest.