Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Housemates bicker over food

The housemates have a big argument as there are no proper food supplies, especially for those who consume non-vegetarian food. Sambhavana keeps complaining (no different from usual) about there being no supply of vegetables, kotmir, etc.

But later in the morning, they find a load of food and other supplies in the house. Sambhavana is quite cut up that Ashutosh does not do much work in the house. She whines on and on and Diana yells back supporting the guy, while Ashutosh watches on in amusement.

Ehsaan tries to explain to each and everyone how there is enough food to suit everyone, while Rahul insists that he is quite ok with the supplies. Payal sits back as if she has nothing to do with the inmates of the Bigg Boss house.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eviction relief this week

No evictions will be taking place this week as big boss has decided to change the format a little. So, voting lines will also be closed. Though both Raja and Rahul have been nominated, but either of them don't have to face eviction. However, the interesting fact is that the housemates are not aware of this change. What's more interesting is that on Friday, both of them will be meeting Shilpa and one will come out to stay again in the house but secretly in a separate room from where he will be watching the other housemates till next eviction that is Sunday.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Was Alina plain unlucky?

The Bigg Boss 2 evictions have a way of throwing up surprises. Last week, Alina Wadiwala and Raja Chaudhary were nominated for evictions. While it was expected that Raja would be nominated some time in the early episodes of the show, the nomination of Alina Wadiwala by fellow housemates came as a real surprise.
Interestingly, Alina had been in the Dumping Zone for two weeks consecutively, having been nominated the week before last along with Ketki Dave, Zulfi Syed and Payal Rohatgi. Apart from Alina, Rahul Mahajan had also felt the heat of the Zone for two weeks – once with Rakhi Vijan and then with Monica Bedi. Both times, it was the female who was evicted and Rahul romped home safely.
Alina had talked with all housemates as to why some of them had nominated her, when was nice to all and had not indulged in any bitching or backbiting so far. She confronted Sambhavana Seth and also shared her thoughts with Rahul Mahajan. In the earlier week though, she had apparently said certain things about Payal Rohatgi too for having nominated her.
But to her disappointment, Alina was shown the door. The housemate was a favourite with viewers, labelled 'too sweet'. It has come as a shock to Alina's newfound fans. At the same time, her detractors who'd labelled her as 'shrewd' have kind of had the last word.
The game probably would've been spoilt if Raja Chaudhary was evicted, as after being appointed Sarkar, his confidence had got a boost and he's currently flirting full on with Payal Rohatgi right in front of Rahul's (supposedly her boyfriend) eyes.
Keep watching Bigg Boss 2 on Colors, every night at 10 pm IST, to see how Alina Wadiwala's eviction affects the other housemates.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Big Boss 2 : Nominations This Week

This week housemates has nominated Elina for the consecutive time and Big Boss has has chosen Raja for using abusive language against Sambhavna. This week's nomination witnessed an unique feature. The housemates used to nominate in the confession room but this time they have nominate in the open hall - in front of every participants.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ashutosh is a backstabber!

Tonight's guests on Bigg Boss Season 2, Sajid Khan and his sister Farah Khan seemed to agree that Rahul Mahajan was a 'cutie pie' and was the most entertaining housemate. Sajid seemed to be sure that Ketki will be evicted while Farah was of the opinion that Zulfi or Alina would be out. Both of them wanted Payal to continue. Farah even nicknamed her "Khaitan" as Payal keeps referring to her 'fans' all the time. The other nicknames given by the celebrity siblings were: Boring for Debojit, Backstabber for Ahsutosh and Drama Queen for Sambhavna.
Meanwhile in tonight's episode, Ketki seemed more than relieved to be out of the BB2 house as host Shilpa Shetty pointed out, she looked "Happy." Ketki had a tearful reunion with her family and looked shocked when it was revealed that Payal too had nominated her. Among the housemates Alina sobbed the loudest when Ketki left and the girls even touched her feet. Ahsaan kept commenting on the proceedings in his usual style.
Among the three women left in the house, only Sambhavna has not been nominated so far, as both Payal and Alina have had a close call. The question now is, are the men in the Bigg Boss house conspiring against the women? Can any of the three girls survive till the very end?

It's 'Exit Ketki Dave' this week

The Ara Ra Ra fame Ketki Dave who became a household name with Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi has been evicted from the Bigg Boss 2 house this week. Ketki whose earlier brush with reality television was the dance show Nach Baliye has been desperately trying to regain her Kyunki glory back. But looks like her Bigg Boss 2 experience did not quite live up to her expectations.
Very early in the show, it was quite evident that Ketki was a bit of a misfit. Perhaps the seniormost member in the house in terms of age, she chose to be away from all the bitching and backbiting that the others indulged in. In week two, as people started forming their own groups in the house, Ketki once told Sambhavana how this was an unhealthy trend.
She was also the most disciplined of the lot, given that she was most often the first to wake up each morning. Ketki was ironically also the first to enter the Bigg Boss 2 house on day one.
In the second episode, in fact, Rahul Mahjan referred to her as Dadi, which Ketki did not take too kindly. Ketki found a friend in Ahsaan – another misfit of sorts and the two were seen bonding as they talked about the festival season that they would be missing while inside the house.
But Ketki was also the most enthusiastic of the lot when it came to participating in the different tasks. From making modaks to designing rangolis to being the vice-principal and PT teacher of the Pathshala, Ketki was always on the forefront of the scheme of things. Maybe this was her way of beating the boredom, since she didn't want to spend her time bitching about the other housemates.
If Ketki's age led to a generation gap between the other housemates and her, she was also a counsellor to them. Payal confided in her regularly about Rahul and her complicated friendship. A practical person, Ketki would also calmly hear out Alina and Sambhavana when they had soemthing to say about Payal.
If Rahul is the man obsessed with cleaning bathrooms, Ketki's first love was the kitchen. And regardless of what the other housemates think of her, they'll be missing her cooking.
In one of the episodes, Ketki was seen getting really emotional about her kids and maybe she is only thankful to be out of the house in time to get back to normal life.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ketki Dave evicted from Bigg Boss

Ketki Dave is the fourth contestant to have been voted out by public vote after Monica Bedi, Rakhi Vijan and Sanjay Nirupam. After the eviction from the house, Ketki expressed her gratitude towards Bigg Boss for providing her an opportunity to be a part of this big reality show.However, with the eviction of Ketki Dave, the Big Boss house is left with 9 contestants going all out to win the coveted title. Let us see who the next target is. The game is getting tougher and the contestants are bound to get shrewd!