Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ashutosh is a backstabber!

Tonight's guests on Bigg Boss Season 2, Sajid Khan and his sister Farah Khan seemed to agree that Rahul Mahajan was a 'cutie pie' and was the most entertaining housemate. Sajid seemed to be sure that Ketki will be evicted while Farah was of the opinion that Zulfi or Alina would be out. Both of them wanted Payal to continue. Farah even nicknamed her "Khaitan" as Payal keeps referring to her 'fans' all the time. The other nicknames given by the celebrity siblings were: Boring for Debojit, Backstabber for Ahsutosh and Drama Queen for Sambhavna.
Meanwhile in tonight's episode, Ketki seemed more than relieved to be out of the BB2 house as host Shilpa Shetty pointed out, she looked "Happy." Ketki had a tearful reunion with her family and looked shocked when it was revealed that Payal too had nominated her. Among the housemates Alina sobbed the loudest when Ketki left and the girls even touched her feet. Ahsaan kept commenting on the proceedings in his usual style.
Among the three women left in the house, only Sambhavna has not been nominated so far, as both Payal and Alina have had a close call. The question now is, are the men in the Bigg Boss house conspiring against the women? Can any of the three girls survive till the very end?

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