Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Election in Big Boss's House!!

On day 15 of Big Boss 2 all the members were given with a unique task for selecting 2 leaders out of all and 2 speakers for each of the leaders and they had to choose 2 signs out of the provided 4. Members selected Raja Chaudury (Radio Sign) and Sambhavna (Bijli Sign!!) Seth as leaders and Eshan Bhai and Rahul Mahajan as their respective speakers but Rahul was not happy with that and he tried to push Monica in place of Shambhavna but Shambhavna got badly offended by that and left the living room throwing nice censored words!! Then they all decided to make Ashutosh as her speaker but Big Boss didn't approve that and the initial pairing was kept!! Both Ehsaan and Rahul had to campaign for their respective leaders and ask votes for them and at the end Shambhavna got only 1 vote (Payal's) and Raja was chosen the leader of the house which gave him enormous powers!! First thing he'll not have to do any work he'll just supervise other's work, secondly he will be out of next week's nomination process, 3rdly he alone will have the power to choose one of the nominations next week!!....HAI NA KAMAAL KI BAAT!!

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