Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's 'Exit Monica Bedi' this week

Bollywood starlet Monica Bedi who was seen in many a B-grade flicks made front page news with reports about links with the underworld. Never really out of the limelight, Monica's decision to be part of a reality show made everyone curious.
Bedi struck an instant rapport with Rahul Mahajan. From day one, the two were inseparable making the other housemates draw all sorts of conclusions about their relationship. By the end of the first week Rakhi along with Rahul and Monica formed a trio of sorts. Some felt Rakhi was even making deliberate attempts to hook Monica with Rahul.
Payal came across as Moncia's enemy No 1. All this thanks to Rahul's affection towards the later. In fact even Sambyhavana was seen advising Rahul to stay away from Monica. The stage was set for a sizzling love triangle involving the flirtatious Rahul, the passionate Payal and silent Monica. With Rakhi and Monica out in successive weeks it looks like a well though out strategy by the housemates to eliminate Rahul's support system. This leaves Mr Popular Mahajan no choice but to start mixing around with the other members.
Despite all the negativity she has been inviting due to her friendship with Rahul, Monica has maintained a dignified silence all along. But in a house full of desperate people who won't stop at anything to get attention and drive their point home Monica sometimes comes across as too cold. She made a dazzling entry on the introduction episode by performing on a Kareena Kapoor item song. And showed the world that the Bollywood actress in her is very much alive and she can still do the jhatkas. Monica also did the raas leela on Janmashtami as one of good friend Rahul's gopis. Monica's troubled past might never leave her. Which is why just a few days into the show, the crime branch demanded uncensored footage of the show to get leads on her links with the underworld. Monica also received multiple warnings from Bigg Boss against talking without a microphone.
A lot of fans have been saying that Monica is one of the star attractions on the show. So let's wait and watch if she makes a comeback in the wild card round.

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