Monday, September 1, 2008

Big Boss 2 and Rahul Mahajan

He was perhaps the biggest surprise when the Bigg Boss 2 line up was announced. Son of a politician and a socialite with a rather colourful and eventful past, one would have thought Rahul Mahajan’s background is a little too elitist for Hindi reality television material.
But the guy seems to have taken to the format of the show pretty well. Unlike other housemates who are constantly whining and complaining, Rahul has brought a touch of goofiness to the show. How audiences react is something only the future episodes will reveal.From day one Rahul’s been trying to project himself as the smooth operator of the house trying to be a hit with the ladies. When the girls were quarreling about the toilets, Rahul did some timely firefighting. And he volunteered to fix the loos after giving a graphic description of his actions which nearly brought the house down. Rahul was also extra friendly towards Jade Goody.On day two Rahul went into overdrive cracking joke after joke. Quite strange considering Ahsaan Qureshi is a pro at stand up comedy - Who by the way didn’t look too amused with Rahul’s humour. Rahul’s body language is relaxed and he is very comfortable with the hidden camera.On day three the actor within Rahul wakes up. For some reason he starts talking to the CCTV camera about how the show is getting high TRPs. Later he tries a solo act of sorts going on talking endlessly with the hidden camera.
On day four Rahul has brought his father’s angle into the plot as Sanjay Nirupam reads Rahul’s hand and talks about his influence in Rahul’s life. So, there it is. From emotion to comedy, Rahul’s doing it all and looks all set to become the star of the show. What’s he going to do next?

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