Saturday, September 6, 2008

Payal flirts with Raja

Raja seems to be opening up day by day. He looks very happy and is dancing. He asks Sambhavana to teach him salsa, which she happily obliges. After a couple of steps, Raja does a Cha Cha Cha with Sambhavana. He then teaches salsa to Alina. Ketki is finding Raja's dancing skills really funny. Raja moves on to do kathak and tries to teach Debojit. While both are doing kathak, Payal notices their beat is not right and explains the right beats.
Payal is talking to Raja in a flirtatious manner and says that she is smarter than the rest of the housemates and is not interested in ruining her image. And the day she feels she can't continue in the Bigg Boss house, she will walk out. Meanwhile, Rahul and Monica are walking and discussing how Payal was furious with Rahul.

1 comment:

akki said...

Sexy Payal Rohtagi? Did some body said that, really.
This Girl show her body to divert attention so that no one pays attention on her face, but alas she don't have even body to show.
Actually she has not vomited but viewer have vomited when they saw her face without make up.