Friday, September 5, 2008

Raja's Sakar Fails...........

On day 18 of BB2 Big Boss declares Raja's Sakar's failure and thats the reason for a lower weekly budget of Rs.1300 (last week it was Rs,1900) and suddenly Raja becomes very silent and goes to bed very early (yeh bhi strategy hai kya boss?...only Raja Ji knows!!). Ketki makes fun of him; Payal and Sambhavna enjoys (mostly Payal). Today Big Boss called Payal, Debojit, Sambhavna, Zulfi and Ashutosh separately in confession room to inquire about "ghar ka haal chaal", Debojit was very straight in his opinions... Asutosh tried to play a little tricky, Zulfi played safe, Sambhavna was shattered because of Raja's gear change as a leader.....Payal was upset because of Rahul's ignoring her (they had a little "anban" in between!!)

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