Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's 'Exit Ketki Dave' this week

The Ara Ra Ra fame Ketki Dave who became a household name with Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi has been evicted from the Bigg Boss 2 house this week. Ketki whose earlier brush with reality television was the dance show Nach Baliye has been desperately trying to regain her Kyunki glory back. But looks like her Bigg Boss 2 experience did not quite live up to her expectations.
Very early in the show, it was quite evident that Ketki was a bit of a misfit. Perhaps the seniormost member in the house in terms of age, she chose to be away from all the bitching and backbiting that the others indulged in. In week two, as people started forming their own groups in the house, Ketki once told Sambhavana how this was an unhealthy trend.
She was also the most disciplined of the lot, given that she was most often the first to wake up each morning. Ketki was ironically also the first to enter the Bigg Boss 2 house on day one.
In the second episode, in fact, Rahul Mahjan referred to her as Dadi, which Ketki did not take too kindly. Ketki found a friend in Ahsaan – another misfit of sorts and the two were seen bonding as they talked about the festival season that they would be missing while inside the house.
But Ketki was also the most enthusiastic of the lot when it came to participating in the different tasks. From making modaks to designing rangolis to being the vice-principal and PT teacher of the Pathshala, Ketki was always on the forefront of the scheme of things. Maybe this was her way of beating the boredom, since she didn't want to spend her time bitching about the other housemates.
If Ketki's age led to a generation gap between the other housemates and her, she was also a counsellor to them. Payal confided in her regularly about Rahul and her complicated friendship. A practical person, Ketki would also calmly hear out Alina and Sambhavana when they had soemthing to say about Payal.
If Rahul is the man obsessed with cleaning bathrooms, Ketki's first love was the kitchen. And regardless of what the other housemates think of her, they'll be missing her cooking.
In one of the episodes, Ketki was seen getting really emotional about her kids and maybe she is only thankful to be out of the house in time to get back to normal life.

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