Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Payal smokes up, vomits

The housemates wake up as Bigg Boss plays the Fear Factor song. Ketki requests Bigg Boss to send agarbattis for puja, Payal also supports her in this request. Debojit, Ashutosh and Rahul are in the smoking area discussing nominations; Bigg Boss announces that the nomination procedure will start soon.
Sambhavana asks Ahsaan to find out who has been finalised by the group to be voted out. Ahsaan, Zulfi, Raja and Ashutosh have finalised Aloo (Payal) and Paneer (Alina).
Meanwhile, Payal asks Rahul and Zulfi if they have decided on their vote, as she is very confused. Rahul and Zulfi say that they are sorted and now prepared to vote.
While the nominations start, Bigg Boss declares that the housemates have broken yet another rule of the house – discussing nominations. At the same time, he is also aware that a certain group has already planned whom to vote out. Bigg Boss warns that in case they vote as per plan, it will automatically be null and void.
The nomination procedure begins. Each housemate goes into the confession room to declare whom they want to nominate. After the nominations, the housemates disperse into different areas of the house to carry on their usual work.
Sambhavana and Ashutosh are talking and the former advises the latter to be careful of Raja as he is playing a very solid game. Later, Bigg Boss announces the nominations of the week.
Payal enters the smoking area and suddenly starts smoking, as she is a bit tense, much to everyone's surprise. Rahul asks Payal to prepare Tang to which she refuses citing that since he was rude to her last week, he should now ask other women to do his work. Raja notices this and requests Payal to make Tang for him, saying that they are a family and at least they have been with her. Payal happily accepts to make Tang for Raja. With this, Raja smiles wickedly, as if he has won a war. Later, Payal makes the drink for everyone including Rahul.
After a while, a fight takes place between Payal and Sambhavana in the gym. Sambhavana tries to tickle Payal, which irritates her to no limits and she snubs Sambhavana. Later, when Payal is in the kitchen to make rotis, Sambhavana snubs Payal to take revenge. This leaves the two females fuming.
After lunch, Payal tells Alina that Sambhavana doesn't know how to conduct herself and is doing everything for footage. Besides, she wasn't tickling her but indeed touching her feet. And she doesn't approve Sambhavana touching her feet.
After this, Payal begins to vomit and declare that she is stressed. Rahul accompanies her to her room and consoles her. He asks her to forget the fight with Sambhavana and not to react to such incidents. He then asks her to sleep.
Raja also comes in immediately to comfort her. Surprisingly, Sambhavana shows her concern for Payal. She walks up to her and hugs her. Thereafter, Payal and Sambhavana clear out their differences.
While this is going on, Bigg Boss calls Ketki into the confession room for the task. Kekti comes out and reads out the task given. She declares that for the next three days, there will a Pathgsala. She announces that Ashutosh has been appointed the principal, herself as vice-principal and PT teacher, Debojit as singing teacher, Payal as dance teacher and Ahsaan as the poetry teacher by Bigg Boss. The rest of the housemates including Zulfi, Raja, Sambhavana, Rahul and Alina will be the students. There will be a Pathshala from morning to evening. On Wednesday, the best student will be selected by the principal and vice-principal and awarded.
The task begins, everyone gets ready for school. Sambhavana seems really upset with her uniform, as she feels it is too large for her. She complains to Bigg Boss and keeps the uniform in the confession room for him to exchange. Meanwhile she dresses casually for school.
The class begins and everyone introduces themselves. First, it is the students and later the teachers. Everyone is allotted roll numbers – 1 - Alina, 2 - Sambhavana, 3 - Zulfi, 5 - Raja and 6 - Rahul. Roll number 4 is missing because Rahul and Raja refuse to take it citing that the number is unlucky for them. So, the teachers decide to skip that number altogether.

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