Monday, September 1, 2008

Psychologist to keep eye on Bigg Boss participants

To ensure that they don’t suffer an emotional breakdown on national television like Amit Sadh did last season, some participants of Bigg Boss with ‘highly public backgrounds’ have submitted a list of warning signs to the counselor. This combined with the doctor’s own analysis will prove as reference material when the proceedings of the house are on.
Bandra psychologist and show counsellor Seema Hingorrany, who said the show is taking extra care this time around to ensure that patients on the verge of emotional breakdowns are attended to immediately. “Some, whose private lives have been under public scrutiny for a long time, clearly told me to watch out for certain withdrawal signs,” said Hingorrany.
All participants were mentally evaluated and briefed by the counsellor before entering the Bigg Boss house on Saturday. In addition to this, Hingorrany, with four more members, will be continuously monitoring the participants. When asked if medication would be provided to participants who show signs of breaking down, Hingorrany said that while her team was on standby, she didn’t think it would come to that.
The channel that telecasts Bigg Boss did not invite the media to shoot the episode where the contestants were introduced.But to create an ambience of the media covering the episode, several photographers were hired, paid Rs 1,000 each and told to just flash their cameras.

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