Saturday, September 6, 2008

Debojit composes Bigg Boss song

The housemates wake up with the Dhol Baja song from Yuva. They notice that there is no gas in the stove and no water in the shower. All of them complain to Bigg Boss, as they are unable to cook anything. Bigg Boss calls Raja in the confession room and tells him why there is no gas in the stove – somebody forgot to switch off the gas the night before and this could have resulted into a grave accident.
Ashutosh and Raja start discussing their childhood and the nursery rhymes they learnt at school. Raja is again called to the confession room and the housemates are given the task of composing a song on Bigg Boss. Raja assigns Ahsaan to write the lyrics and Debojit to compose and sing the song. Since Debojit and the others fail to come up with the song on time, Bigg Boss gives them extra time till evening.
After all this, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to prepare modak on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Ketki gets the task of making modaks. But since she doesn't know how to make them, she gets upset and tells Bigg Boss 'Izzat Ka Faluda Kar Diya'.
Debojit on the other hand also gets upset on forgetting his original composition on Bigg Boss and asks Bigg Boss to play it once for him.
We find Ashutosh and Raja discussing Rahul again, and how he knows very well what to say and what not to say. Later, Sambhavana joins them and says that Monica, Rahul and Payal are plotting.
Later, Ashutosh and Sambhavana are discussing the Friday evictions. Ashutosh says that he feels Rahul will be eliminated while Sambhavana feels Monica will be the one to leave the Bigg Boss house. She feels that Rahul has strong supporters outside who will vote for him. While Ashutosh feels it's Rahul's behaviour that will lead to his elimination.
Before lunch, we find Rahul and Payal discussing the former's behaviour towards the latter in the living area.
In the evening, the housemates come up with the song Yeh Hai Bigg Boss Ka Ghar and perform it at the performance area in the house. Raja finds the lyrics of the song quite funny and passes a remark.
Later, Raja and Alina talk about the elimination and discuss what they think of other housemates. Suddenly Bigg Boss surprises Debojit by playing his earlier composition and everyone is happy and they start dancing and singing.
Early evening, the housemates gather to do a puja for Ganesh Chaturthi and recite quite a few Ganesh bhajans. As the evening unfolds, Bigg Boss calls Debojit, Sambhavana, Ashutosh, Zulfi and Payal in the confession room to ask them how they are feeling being in the Bigg Boss house and if they are happy.
Later, we find everyone sitting in the garden. Monica and Rahul ask everyone why they have been nominated and everyone says it's because they are a treat to the rest.
Monica is called into the confession room and informed that the weekly task given to them has been unsuccessful, so they have been given a limited budget of Rs 1,300 for this week. And that they should immediately gather in the living room and prepare a list of things they need for the week and submit it.

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debojit is a goos single i really liked him alot