Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rahul Nominated Again Along With Monica This Time!!!

Rahul Mahajan is nominated again for evication (2nd time in a row) and this time his companion is his best friend (other members say so!!) Monica Bedi!!... and he is so disturbed that he has clearly declared that he won't be cleaning the bathrooms any more...fair enough...Kishan Kanhaiya is not at all happy! Probably Monica already guessed that after Rahul and Rakhi (RR Productions!!) nominations and Rakhi's eviction last Friday this time she will be targeted by the other members of the Big Boss's house and she tried her level best to show her disliking for Rahul but that didn't work and she got nominated for eviction.
Three members got penalty for breaking rules. They are Ashutosh Kaushik, Shambhavna Seth and Alina. Shambhavna and Alina were found to be talking without their microphones. Ashutosh was found to be adamant (as usual) in taking nap in afternoon.
As part of weekly activity, they got to form two political parties and select their leaders. Rahul was inclined for Monica, which frustrates Shambhavna. Shambhavana was taking names.

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