Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shambhavna is declared Vamp. Leader Raja Choudhary is sorry.

Big Boss is getting interesting now a days. Big Boss itself disclosing conversations to others to create stir in this small house. I think, Endemol has realised that TRP can be enhanced only if there are more and more enmity and controversies within the Big Boss house.
Raja Choudhary has been made leader of this pack. He has been given mandate to solve problems with in the house. On one hand, he is making sure that there is cornflakes for Debojit moshay and on the other hand, he is trying to clear air about Rahul Mahajan and Monica Bedi’s groupism.
Rahul and Monica realised that one of them will be out this week. They wanted to make sure that they don’t get nominated again next week. They had discussions with Raja separately and it was one on one. During discussion, it came out that Shambhavna is the one, who is creating rift with in the house. Raja realised his mistake in nominating Rahul and Monica and said that he felt sorry for the same.
During one of the panchayat, Monica wanted Shambhavna to disclose everything she did to them. Shambhavna lost his temper and started accusing Rahul and Monica and started telling names. No doubt that She is very similar to her colleagues like Rakhi Sawant.
House members realised that Shambhavna is not as clean as she shows. There will be few interesting discussions in next couple of days. Next nominations will be closed watched. It seems to me that Shambhavna will be one of the person to be nominated. I am closely watching UP ka bhaiya, Mr. Ashutosh Kaushik. I will provide more details about him in my next post. Till then, enjoy Ganesh Chaturthi. Jai Karnataka and Jai UP and India and ……

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