Sunday, September 7, 2008

Girlfriend (Monica Bedi) gone. Rahul left with old friend and few foes

Non-Charismatic eviction day. Shilpa Shetty is as dull as ever. Rahul’s wellwisher saved him this time as well. Monica bedi had to quit the house.

It was expected that Monica may be the one to go because of her non-popularity in mass. She did’t want to go as she was expecting this use this platform to re-build her life, reputation and career. Same reason was with Rahul Mahajan. Both are still infamous because of their deeds in the past (Pls see my earlier post on the same).

One Group (Rakhi, Monica and Rahul) has been broken with careful planning. As per the format of Big Boss show, no one should discuss anything related to nomination process but this rule is being broken so many times. Bigg Boss is aware but he is not in mood of warn them because it may leads to higher TRP.

Endemol has realised that they are not able to maintain high TRP ratings what was seen during initial episodes of Big Boss. Jade Goody could have fetched large set of audiences but she had to quit in between.

Big Boss is losing its Charisma over audience. They are not able to hold audience considering other interesting programs/channels on the block. Newly launched channels like NDTV Imagine, Colors are giving touch fight to other channels during prime time.

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