Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eviction relief this week

No evictions will be taking place this week as big boss has decided to change the format a little. So, voting lines will also be closed. Though both Raja and Rahul have been nominated, but either of them don't have to face eviction. However, the interesting fact is that the housemates are not aware of this change. What's more interesting is that on Friday, both of them will be meeting Shilpa and one will come out to stay again in the house but secretly in a separate room from where he will be watching the other housemates till next eviction that is Sunday.


akki said...

Giving Raja a chance to come back show how fair this game is.
Really when raja got evicted why they have given him chance to remain in house, this shows that this game is just to earn money for channel and they are not bothered about fairness of game.I think this is all fake and staged.
I was a great fan of this show but when phone lines are closed to Vote out Raja / Rahul I had stopped wasting my time to watch this fake show.
I think lots of viewers of this show would agree with me

Elham ahmad said...

mujhe big boss season 4 ki taraf se call aayi ki aap select huye hai, aage ke process ke liye aapko 3 lack rupyee dene honge mere puchne par nahi bataya ki liye hai ye 3 lack rs, aur mujhe bossbig61@yahoo.in se mail aayi thi aur 9718849408 , 9350227425 se call ayi thi , mujhe to fraud lagte hai aapko kya lagta hai ye sahi hai aap bataye? aur koi bhi aise paise na de please.