Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another eventful day in Big Boss 2

Big Boss’s house became a battlefield on day 17!!.. Being the leader of the house Raja has all the powers in the house and as a part of the task he won’t have to do anything for himself (or else what will his “prajas” do??) and in the leader mood he suddenly ordered Ketki Dave can’t eat “dugdhi” (plain rice) everyday, I wan’t “pulao” though Zulfi wanted plain rice with chicken but he readily got adjusted saying “mein roti ke saath chicken khalunga aap is ke liye pulao banado”…but Ketki was not in a mood to follow the leader’s order she suddenly said he cannot order me like this.. look at Alina she is doing all the cleaning like a servant (please note the word!!) and no one is helping her and she is not even able to ask help from anyone this is all because of Raja’s leader giri!!.... Alina was suddenly in a shock and tried to convince Raja that she doesn’t think like that at all. It seems that Ketki wanted to release her grudge by involving Alina but what happened?.... Raja got offended on Alina and started shouting “kisiko kuchh nehi karma hai, jao jaake baitho sob” and Alina started crying!!....shuru mein Rhaul ne thodasa dilasa dene ki kaushis to ki but she went to the bathroom (with a chair!!) and kept crying and ultimately Raja and Ashutosh came in and handled her.
Then comes Mr. Ehsaan Qureshi (who was not able keep his Roza this Ramadan this time because of his diabetes) who passed a comment like “chhote kapre pehnti hai Payal” while Payal was swimming the in pool (she was in bikini mind it!!) and that offended Payal like anything and she first attacked Ehsaan on that, Ehsaan Bhai readily said sorry (chalo sorry, yeah wapas le liya shabd!) but Payal kept murmuring in front of the other boys (kya bolte rehta hai who…iski bra ka strap kyon dikhta hai!! aare yaar eisaha fashion hai aajkal aapko samajh mein na aye to chup raho!!) then came Raja asking Ehsaan for an explanation…Ehsaan said sorry again but Raja (being the leader!!) kept saying “aisa maat bolo..aisa nehi bolna chahiye tha…falana falana…”, Ehssan got angry and denied dinner but ultimately Raja managed to make it up (chalo mein aapko apne haat se khilata hu..kaise nehi khaoge aap!!).
It seems like everybody is fighting for survival now that’s why Payal suddenly discusses house’s inside politics with Raja (she says she is pretty straight, smart and intelligent!!), well Raja ji aapko to 1 week ta sultaan ho…abhi to our kitne weeks baki hai…..dekhte hai fir kya hota hai………

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