Friday, September 12, 2008

Raja pulled down Rahul’s Knickers. Payal is asking for body massage.

Sorry but I could not think of any other headline for this post. This episode was full of weekly activity in which Bigg boss house was converted to primary school. Shambhavna, Rahul, Aalina, Zulfi and Raja were students of primary school. Ketaki is a PT teacher. Payal has been given job for teaching dance steps. Ahsaan is a Hindi teacher and Debojit will be teaching music notes. On top of everything, “lathmaar “ Ashutosh Kaushik has been given to role of principal. He has to look after at every activity and every student.

During break time, Raja wanted to measure Rahul’s height using his palm as measuring scale. He wittingly pulled down Rahul’s knickers during this act. Rahul got ashamed and wanted to cut this scene from this episode of Bigg Boss. “Lekin big boss kahan sunane wale hai … yahin to kuch light moments joki junta ko pasand aane wale hai”. Raja asked Aalina to mind her business during one of the session.

Ashutosh was in lighter mood and asking children on today’s lesson learnt. He was found doing “Saharanpur wala thumka” dance in restrooms when Payal was taking dance classes for students.

Payal realised that she is in danger. She told Rahul that she wanted to be herself from now onwards. She had started showing more skins to viewers. She can be found roaming around in 6 inches Knickers or asking Rahul to do body massage. This was noticed by Gang of Four (Not the GOF of design patterns… usko chchodo yaar) headed by Raja C. Raja said that she is doing to seduce male viewers asking for more. This will help her in getting votes. Good going Payal.


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Swati Raman Garg said...

nice title for this post... hehe so apt... nice to know somebody whos following big boss regularly