Friday, September 12, 2008

Who's going to be safe today?

A lot of action is expected to happen on Bigg Boss 2 this weekend, as the viewers have voted not less than four people for the dreaded Dumping Zone on the show. The names are just shocking: the 'sweet and quiet' Alina Wadiwala, the 'helpful' Ketki Dave, the 'handsome' Zulfi Syed and well, adjectives fall short, the one and only Payal Rohatgi.
Rahul Mahajan is NOT in the Zone this time. After being in the dumping zone for 2 succeesive weeks, he is safe for this week. But his so-called girl friend is in the dumping zone this week. However, if Payal is evicted this week, it'll be interesting to see what happens between Rahul and Sambhavana. As for the others, one really can't say what impact it'll have on the other inmates.

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