Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sambhavana is the Rakhi Sawant of the house

The episode begins with the song Mehbooba Mehbooba from Sholay. Rahul and Monica are discussing the eviction, and ask each other 'Are you okay'?
Payal tells Rahul that he should keep away from Monica, as she is bitching about him. She further asks Rahul to behave himself as he is on a national television and besides he seems to have become the laughing stock of the house.
In the morning, everyone has been given the task to clean the house. Alina has been appointed supervisor by Raja. Monica is cleaning the floor, while Alina cleans the swimming pool. Rahul as usual is limited to cleaning the bathrooms and Ketki is busy in the kitchen…cooking!

It's surprising to see Zulfi cutting papaya and watermelon. While the cleaning is taking place, Ashutosh cleaned and plunged into the swimming pool, much to the annoyance of Rahul.
Rahul complains to Raja that no one seems to be interested in the cleaning task. Raja agrees and is infuriated. He asks Alina to tell Zulfi to clean the basin and the showers. Alina seems to be a bit upset. She tells Zulfi to take up the work and gets back to cleaning the floor. While she is cleaning, she expresses a feeling to slapping someone badly.
Raja, Zulfi and Ahsaan are taking about the Sarkar election process. Sambhavana bitches to Raja about Rahul. While all this is happening, Debojit starts singing and Alina, Payal, Sambhavana and Monica start dancing.

Bigg Boss calls Sambhavana to the confession room and asks her to pick up the box on the table and read out the letter in it to the other inmates. He also asks her to keep the box on the small table lying in the gym area. Sambhavana then informs all the housemates that the Bigg Boss is keeping a suggestion box in the gym area.

Later, Raja, who is the Sarkar, asks Sambhavana to get the suggestion box to check on what people have written. While going through the suggestions, Raja along with Rahul and Monica find out that most of the people in the house think Sambhavana is breaking the house into two groups. Monica and Raja agree. Monica informs Raja that Sambhavana is the one who wanted to nominate him and Zulfi.
While these people are talking, somehow, Sambhavana gets a feeling that they are talking about her. She tries to approach Raja and Rahul. Before she reaches to them, they ask all the housemates to collect into the garden area and confront Sambhavana and ask her to confess her doings.
Sambhavana tries to justify her action and says that she is innocent and has been dragged unnecessarily into all this. She confronts other housemates, which results into arguments and tiff. After this, Sambhavana approaches Raja. Raja tells her that everyone is against her and states that she is the Rakhi Sawant of the house. This results in infuriating Sambhavana further.
Around late evening, Payal and Rahul have a huge showdown. The fight revolves around Rahul's behaviour, his friendship with Monica and other issues.
APanchayat session is organised in the smoking area to discuss the issues people have in the house. It also revolved around Sambhavana behaviour and actions. Later, all the boys in the house start bitching about Sambhavana.
As the day is ending, Rahul and Monica are chatting and discussing their eviction. Rahul says that he doesn't want Monica to go and vice versa.

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